What Android chief designer: 2020 cell phone?

Google Android chief designer matias, du said: “this is an interesting phenomenon. This year, everyone seems to be tired of the phone now.”

during a campaign, the company’s chief designer gold terry, underwood and Android design director matias, pl, the o du discussed the future of the smart phone. As referred to in the post title in 2020, what would be a smart phone?

when I put forward the need to speed up the pace, developed is better than the iPhone’s hardware, the discussion is becoming more active. Du, resolutely resist the rectangle pattern, and points out that it is like “sumer (one of the cradles of human civilization) tablet” same old, but it is a kind of effective organization presents the carrier of information. He warned us, all the innovation is in order to solve the problem, rather than a “pursue glamorous thing” is very common in the trap. Underwood admitted that these things are hard to guess, because they often require like Steve, Steve jobs, a man of vision to find, to breakthrough, which presents us some reflection to clear things. Underwood said: “now, all the appearance of mobile phones are the same: touch the appearance, glass screen, rectangular style. This seems to be a normal “trap”, in fact, in the absence of an smartphone is not in this condition.”

soon, du, puts forward his own idea. Of smart phones in the future, rather than the change of the industrial design, strengthen cell phone experience and life with other than screen objects (such as television, cars, watches). He explained: “a year ago, I have one of this will be the best I had digital holiday experience. I have a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop computer, or even a Google glasses. All this will be another surprise, because in my daily life every moment, I can use these perfect digital equipment. In Hawaii, I will catch every wonderful lens, know all the good place to dine. I can also through the keyboard input do research on the larger screen.”

“, however, all this is terrible! Even only mobile phone be worse than me. The reason is that, across the screen to use too much trouble. …… All original plans fell through… However, when these services across the screen really can perfect and effective operation up, it is not hard to imagine that you love it.”

underwood du, then it puts forward the suspect’s view: “in the future, we will have a screen products are connected to ‘ ‘situation, more cautious attitude.”

“everything has his other side. If everything is a screen, then we will risk the separated and Hawaii. We came to a place, all just stay there on the screen, and this also is not a holiday, because we and the things that can make life more enjoyable without contact.”

“I think it is really a great potential for the design of the opportunity. However, technology will continue to development. We will also have the ability of stronger and stronger, to move forward. Design aspects of the opportunity, I believe, is to find out, what is really can make our life more rich, more valuable, better. When we blindly pursue the screen, hold fast to the problems above, is particularly important. Because not careful, they will become a disadvantage.”

when the screen product is expected to improve the efficiency of our work and study at the same time, can bring us happiness, and the market will return the joy make things? . Du, in the reaction after a period of time to reply.

“sometimes you’ll feel like an arms dealer. ‘I just make guns, did not ask you to shoot each other! What you did, let everyone is in a terrible social dilemma, instant time together? ‘”

“no, you is a kind of responsibility. Although it is hard to find out how you involved. In my team design work, I tried my best to understand one thing is about the idea of attention and is currently in tackling a problem of some, in fact, the attention, attention to management and let the user more controlled way, we really consider a lot.”

“seems to be using the traditional method, this problem cannot be overcome. You is hard to imagine that, in this way some people from my adjustment, or they form the concept of a fully formed, that is through what way to make everything is ok. Obviously, in the cinema, the cellular phone set into vibration mode of the behavior is beyond doubt. We can’t depend on others to remind to do so. So we should self-reliance! Now that you know it, why not use the equipment to help you? We design the notification broker service, it is can be priority order management and will inform a function. I think of the future, in this sense attention management will need to follow up the situation, and help us understand, for a specific period of time, what should pay more attention to, what should focus on less.”

I put in a word, he asked if it meant that the future will use “limiter” Android, like driving speed can reach 120 miles per hour, not because the engine can’t do it, but because we don’t drive so fast. His response was:

“this sort of thing should be under your control. You should be able to request, today I’m going to the track, I’d like to open 120 miles/hour. Then automatically switch off the limiter. Or, I want more attention points, so during the weekend, the computer helped me without too much interference while driving his car.”

underwood presents a similar idea: “I think my expectation is, as a user, we also had other users to be able to do it, do not cut off from reality. Maybe this is too idealistic. From the Google glasses, however, many difficulties experienced by (that is, penetrate the market strategy), I dig into the strands of hope. I think, people put on a pair of glasses process is quite slow. Unless, of course, it is the glasses style, quality are very popular. People always doubt the Google glasses wearer, ‘what did they are watching me, or indulge in some terrible site’?”

“I hope, when we push the screen products, can focus on the things that make life more meaningful. Each of us to have such a sense of responsibility, but also as a consumer equipment developers to keep moving forward.”



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