West master founding team response split rumours: libel and slander

note: hunting cloud has attracted much attention, co-founder Song Xin issued a letter complaining about two things: one is the current CEO Meng Bing out of the company; The second is your friend, debt collection, yet still the company owes to its’ friends money. For this, the two other co-founders west master high scene, Yuan Ze lu issued a joint letter back, and a portion of the screenshot WeChat dialogue:

founder master, ROM high scene:

I master is the west’s co-founder high scene. Very surprised to see Song Xin in zhihu such articles, recall and struggle together in the day of the song dynasty, more than a year ago, in the mind, we are really carry a gun fought together, I always treasure the friendship. But his article seriously distorted the facts, the brief, I as an important participant of the parties and the whole thing, no one know more about the truth of the matter than I have, I think I have the duty to clarify the facts.

about withdrawing money also

friends will know, familiar with investment equity financing belong to risk investment, withdrawal is not easy of operation, investment is not to borrow money, withdrawal and money is also different. But given the song friend of some special circumstances, we have been actively dealing with shareholder withdrawal, and for withdrawing shareholders, we have to be returned after verification. In fact, we have to confirm to the bank, the remittance transfer is indeed a source of no account, so we will ask shareholders to provide bank transfer voucher, after check all returned. Never depend on Monday. As for the shareholders to Eva, we are very understanding needed money, so we have been urging Song Xin let his friend to provide bank transfer voucher, and promised to transfer voucher after check and will return immediately. But to our disappointment so far has not been provided to us.

in the middle of August, we had known Song Xin will verify and correct into endowment money refund, repeatedly urged Song Xin I get the bank receipt back in October, but the song has been no reply.

in order to alleviate people’s emotions, I wanted to do two points for small shareholders:

there is no run road, west master always here, shop normal, CEO also too! In order to eliminate the doubts of the people, the company decided to provide hope withdrawing shareholder, the refund the premium (the first according to the investment fund returned 200%, the second batch according to the investment fund return 150%, due to the small shareholders only have wudaokou the equity of the old, so the price is absolutely fair), waiting for dividends shareholders who want to keep the equity, we are also very supportive and expressed heartfelt thanks!

in the act of any equity investment, shareholder exit to the board of directors or the shareholders’ committee resolution by executable (the convention) according to company law and investment agreement, so in this case, in fact is not reasonable and lawful withdrawal.

about the song be evicted

establishment, Meng Bing, Song Xin and I have been living together on the floor. Happen, we who also don’t want to see. Considering Song Xin does need a little time looking for a new house, so during that time, I and Meng Bing back home. However we haven’t pay, the company also lack of money, stay in the hotel, so I and Meng Bing every night to sit a few tens of kilometers to miyun Yuan Ze home, lu children room to sleep at his home. Store things very much, every day busy into the early hours, back and forth to catch more than 100 kilometers road, rest time to only three or four hours, physical overdraft seriously. Later, it is support not to live, Meng Bing promising to pay for the song to stay in a hotel. As for the house, it is the song alone stayed active negotiations let out in a few days. I can’t find my mobile phone chat records at that time, this is Meng Bing WeChat chats.

about song out

the song’s exit was no interests conflict or something amazing. Reality version of the we have some conflict in values, causing some quarrel. West master as a startup company, must quickly trial-and-error fast growth, however, those differences have become a stumbling block to us. Through April, may, a lot of things are going very slow. Exit of the song dynasty is a founder of the company based on the interest of the company and make consistent decision. The song as a technology company’s shareholders, its shares have been, did not say “removed” he said.

I in May 2013, meng and song entrepreneurship when making technology company, I stay up all night writing the code and Meng Bing almost every day, the drive plan, but the song is often stay up late reading novels, playing games, basically we were with him. Afterwards, meng and song for this argument, the song will not write their own code for explanation, and decided to make song to try to run the business, BD, the results haven’t into a single, all orders are Meng Bing to win. In science and technology company that a few months later, in order to give the song one more chance, just sent him back to the first learn meat clip buns made trade in shaanxi province. Excuse me, in the face of such a lazy partner, who will be in the mind comfortable?

do you remember when and Song Xin go to tianjin on business last year, lived together in a dingy hotel, 30 pieces of mantis, write. Now think of is really five Chen miscellaneous, we used to be so trusted friends. Anyway, I think Song Xin also is not worth so much legal risk to discredit the young master. Now he has his own company, I hope he can getting better and better.

founder master west ROM high view

on November 14, 2014,

founder master, Yuan Ze lu:

my name is Yuan Ze, lu is one of the co-founder of west master, I was resigned last join co-founder. Meng Bing and I met in 2012, when he was just from tencent departure in baidu, we had a simple dinner in Beijing, two people are interested in business, so the follow-up business has maintained communication and contact.

in May 2013, Meng Bing, luo Gao Jinghe Song Xin founded the singularity brothers technology company, doing Internet project, I and Meng Bing often exchange ideas. Until October 2013, by chance I and Meng Bing, high view and other several alumni dinner, doing that Meng Bing meat clip buns project (that is, the later western master), I am very bullish on the prospect of this project, so I hope to say with Meng Bing involved in more depth. Because when I was in university had marketing and operation of entrepreneurial experience, coupled with like-minded so we just hit it off, four master joined the west founding team, responsible for marketing and operation.

about shaanxi learn meat clip buns trade back

in early November, 2013, Song Xin Meng Bing sent back to shaanxi learn meat clip buns craft, lived in the house of Meng Bing during military commander (who shop is meng old neighbor open), to Song Xin goal is within a month and a half, mastering the meat clip buns recipe and workmanship, and come back with two well apprentice.

before Christmas Eve 2013, I went to xianyang with Meng Bing, examine Song Xin technology. But let me and Meng Bing surprise, a month’s time he didn’t learn to make, two apprentices also have cannot be used to open a shop, any standardized content meat clip buns made no precipitation. But open a shop is around the corner, on the day of Meng Bing necessity to poaching, start learning meat clip buns made to wudaokou first store.

due to the serious discontent, for Song Xin work in xianyang during the two days, there are a few squabble between meng and song, so any contradictions are not make in a day, but over time. So Song Xin mentioned “and the first squabble between Meng Bing” as a way of showing his sense of justice of the statement is not true.

so, see Song Xin mentioned “company outlook in the letter… I alone do meat clip buns “is really funny, is indeed Song Xin alone to study the meat clip buns, but spent a month and a half time what all have no? Also pay attention to working for others, KPI performance, moreover is their own business project? Partner with poor execution so, return not bashful said he is “west master the real founder”?

during the xianyang Meng Bing mother said to me “Song Xin this period of time at home, basically every day is very carefree, often get up sleep until noon, see his, I very love dearly Meng Bing Meng Bing everyday livelihood stay up all night writing the code for the company in Beijing, and fellow partners Song Xin is so comfortable!”

about back to xi ‘an to small pudding recipe

master in open a shop before long, we began to consider developing new product, then Meng Bing proposed think small pudding with meat clip buns is very good, and jiaotong university west dining room small pudding has been on the “day day up”, is very popular, decided to give Song Xin another chance to get back to xi ‘an small pudding recipe.

to my relationship with school teacher is pretty good, so before Song Xin go to xi ‘an, I will contact the logistics of the teacher, want to use for learning the way to get a little pudding recipe, teachers are very happy, but also expressed support for our business.

history stage once again, however, had planned to transplanting Song Xin can come back, but spent 11 days in xi ‘an, the key is ultimately failed to fix the small tofu pudding recipe, but on the eleventh day hurried to xianyang county store, spent 2000 yuan back a “so-called pudding recipe”. The feeling be nasty under, Meng Bing again got sent back to xi ‘an to cook authentic size pudding recipe.

the three of us very fed up about it, and had similar things happen before, again intensify contradictions, quarrel every day, so no way to continue the partnership.

and after Song Xin left west master a few days, and back to west kitchen master, company will spend 2000 yuan to buy back the pudding recipe also stole, so far no sa anyone active said this with us.


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