Well, based on the female members of the opposite sex vows social APP

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about social products, ethical labels are inappropriate from the start. Dating requirements exist forever, and social products with their own characteristics to attract users. Gay, straight, LBS, also have a pure line. “Oh” is a social product recently in response to demand “” girl wishing, boys. Cut the dating market.

simple introduction: boring moment, girls look for a person to chat, eat, or work trouble for help can be issued in the form of desire, the desire will push users near the male to the female, the next girl you can sit back and wait for the boy to response the desire. Products meet more straightforward, this will be the girl’s princess dream and the boy hero.

and other social products, to see the face well for the boys, according to the desire of women to do the right response, its ability of more social main position. And strangers social lack of topic, oh, the girl “desire” is the best topic of the introduction.

now, oh for girls and boys are two different product interface, girl’s side can release desire, the boy can’t end. Girl side to view the surrounding boys, boys side is not ok. And in order to prevent the boy user “excessive” harassment, the desire of the girls can choose timeliness, will disappear after maturity, at the same time, the girl side see you don’t like people, can choose to refuse.

team, dear Tommy, founder of the UK master degree in computer, a former Microsoft user experience specialists for 3 years. Cody, CEO of South American overseas Chinese, a former Microsoft Asia Pacific global technical support department manager/product manager and project consultant innovation department. Oh now products have been get Mr Zhonglu group company chairman Mr Chen personal angel investment millions RMB.


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