Weibo will live post earthquake alerts, arrived at the epicenter weibo users for 10 seconds

yesterday, the China earthquake networks center announced with weibo strategic cooperation. Is not hard to find, in weibo user coverage and transmission efficiency is the foundation of bilateral cooperation. Weibo, active users reached 76.6 million, 78% of them from mobile terminal, the number of public information service platform covering more than 300 million. Weibo CEO gao-fei wang said the move to the high coverage and rapid spread of ability, make the weibo in the public service and emergency social mobilization can play a special role.

so, about the strategic cooperation, weibo will bring earthquake information service and aseismatic which help? We are specific to see

after the earthquake, the China earthquake networks center official weibo (@ China seismic network speed) earthquake alerts will be released within 10 seconds is located the epicenter weibo user push information. User mobile phone network unimpeded and weibo in the landing state can receive information, without having to focus on any account, so as to ensure the comprehensiveness of information coverage. For the judgment of the user’s location will be used by the once location, IP address and so on big data analysis, more than 99% accuracy.

at the same time, the two sides will also in the field of disaster related big data, users posted on weibo content related to the earthquake, after analysis will be Shared with the China earthquake networks center. In fact, after the earthquake will be putting a lot of help, such as release information through weibo, in and around the epicenter of netizens also spontaneous discussion on weibo, on the analysis of the information integration will further enhance the efficiency of the earthquake relief work, and try to recover losses caused by earthquake.

in addition, the latest earthquake speed parameters, such as the epicenter map data will also through the microblogging opening to the outside world, provides support for earthquake relief. Third party as long as meet certain conditions, can be obtained through weibo after apply for latest earthquake quick report released by the China earthquake networks center news, official figures including speed parameter, maps, etc.

Pan Huaiwen, director of the China earthquake networks center said, efficient and accurate seismic information helps the public more quickly learn that earthquake information release mechanism, so as to avoid unnecessary panic after the earthquake, but also is advantageous to the scientific and orderly government and social forces earthquake relief organization. China earthquake networks center have been trying to build a wide coverage, high transmission efficiency of earthquake information release channel, with weibo cooperation will further enhance the level of earthquake information service to the public.

the weibo of cooperation with the China earthquake networks center is an important attempt, weibo will take this opportunity to associated with government affairs micro bo explore ways to enhance the level of public services of the mobile Internet era.

in the future, weibo will also cooperate with the China earthquake networks center release earthquake early warning information. With the improvement of the microblogging public information service platform, severe weather warning, major case reporting and other important information about people’s livelihood will push through this platform, thus make weibo plays a greater service value in public life.

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