Weekly investment and financing, social networking and new gameplay, food can also be a p2p

brush screen was listed on alibaba last night, weekend, cloud network organizing the information of investment and financing this week, hunting for a change, take you glance Internet circles in recent investment event.

1, music pictures get $340 million B round
Letv pictures was founded in 2013, as “the age of the Internet movie company,” released in production/excellent films at the same time, aimed at web 2.0 era under the background of building “three must guide” and “five screen linkage” O2O film market system, to provide the audience from online to offline a full range of viewing and value-added services. The company has announced to complete B wheel is 340 million yuan RMB financing, valuation of more than 4.8 billion yuan, and a number of investors in hengtai capital participation in investment.

2, flower flower obtain 20 million yuan, the Pre – A first round of investment
First flower (http://www.xianhuahua.com) was founded in 2014, is a specially designed for college students to build mobile phone consumption assistant, college students can enjoy the payment services, after be being consumed first easy access to the right goods. “Flower” first user growth record will be through the professional model into effective personal integrity of the data, for college students accumulate original credit records. The company has obtained 20 million yuan investment, by three organisations, such as plum blossom venture joint investment.

3, I boring trip for $20 million B round
I interesting to travel (http://www.woqu.com) was founded in 2014, is a focus in the United States travel service website, the main destination tourism services and to meet travel service. The company has announced A $20 million B round of investment, led by tecent, morningside capital with shots, I had fun trip won millions of dollars to A round of investment.

$4 and the diffuse camera alibaba must level A round
Magic diffuse camera (http://www.manboker.com) was founded in July 2013, the current users reached 160 million, including overseas users accounted for sixty percent. The company has obtained alibaba tens of millions of dollars A round of investment, previously won A purple glow investment amount of millions of dollars angel investment.

5, stranger social applications “widgets” for $10 m A round
Micro poly (http://www.iweju.com) was founded in 2013, is a dating application based on the geographic location of the strangers, can quickly find you all kinds of interesting date, parties and activities, at the same time can launch date, activities that interest you and invite strangers or friends nearby. At present more than 10 million users, the company has won tens of millions of dollars A round of investment, organized by lianchuang led source, the micro poly won A lei jun, such as YY angel investment of nearly ten million yuan.

the foreign company

1, B2B online procurement service Kinnek received A $10 million round of funding
Kinnek (http://www.kinnek.com/) was established in March 2012, is a provider of online procurement services technology platform, aiming at improving the efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprise batch purchase transactions. The company has received A $10 million round of funding, by CrunchFund, TriplePoint Capital, Version One Ventures, joint investment, etc.

2, part-time recruitment service Workpop received A $7.9 million round of funding
Workpop (https://beta.workpop.com/) was founded in 2014, is a part-time recruitment tool, the tool is to simplify and improve the client and the job recruitment process, makes the hour Labour recruitment and job search easier. The company has received A $7 million round of funding, the Trinity Ventures, missile Ventures, SV Angel joint investment, etc.

3 Envoy, visitor registration system for $1.5 million in angel investment
Envoy (https://signwithenvoy.com/) was founded in 2013, is a visitor registration system, based on the support visitor registration, NDA, badge printing, text messages and E-mail notifications, etc., the company has received $1.5 million angel investment, by Yishan Wong, Harj Taggar, Alexis Ohanian angel investors such as joint investment.

4, based on Youtube star fan interactive services BeautyCon won $2 million in angel investment
BeautyCon (http://www.beautycon.com/) was founded in 2014, is a fan interactive platform based on Youtube star, the star connect with their audience, providing services such as brand marketing, the company has received $2 million angel investment, by Rachel Zoe Ventures, Queensbridge Venture Partners, such as joint investment.

5, social food reservation service EatWith received A $8 million round of investment
EatWith (http://www.eatwith.com/) was founded in 2012, is a local food social P2P mode to make an appointment service platform, can be understood as “food version of reality”, contact customers and master, creating a unique social experience, guests can enjoy authentic homely food time to get to know each other. The company has received A $8 million round of investment, by Greylock Partners led.

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