Weekly investment and financing, nail salon mobile, college students stage big plate

over the weekend, hunting cloud network compiled this week’s investment and financing information, take you glance Internet circles in recent investment event.

the domestic company

1, mobile manicure service application beautiful armor won nearly $10 m A round chinaequity investment

beautiful armor (http://www.quxiu8.com/) is a nail on the mobile phone software, and it provides nail salons with nail beautiful pictures to share, gather the nail salons, manicurist, provide manicure services. It is reported, current, comely, a number of users reached 12 million, the retention rate of more than 40%, in nail salons and more than 10 m. The company has obtained chinaequity nearly $10 m of A round of funding. Previously, the company in January, namely the angel financing get millions of dollars.

2, soufun’s $51 million investment in the 21st century China’s real estate

in the 21st century, China’s real estate (http://www.century21cn.com/) was founded in 2000, is one of the chain mode of real estate brokerage service providers. Soufun announced a $51 million investment in the 21st century real estate in China, holds a 20% stake to become the second largest shareholder.

3, digital products testing Fview obtain 5 million yuan investment A round

Fview (http://www.fview.cn) was founded in 2014, is a digital product evaluation service platform, provide product measurement service through video, articles, etc. The company has obtained 5 million yuan A round of investment, netease capital, innovation works, and shots.

4, optimal obtain ten million yuan angel investment in stages, with the very serious funds led

best stage (http://ufenqi.com) was founded in 2014, is a installment shopping service for the college students online mall. At the beginning of the company was established in ten million yuan of angel investment, led by the very serious fund.

5, hotpot takeaways startups get picky.it xue barbarian millions angel round

picky.it (http://www.tiaoshier.com/) is a new online food recommendation, sharing a mobile application, mainly from the hot pot takeaway cuts at present. Compared with other delivery service, picky about food and covers the front order, distribution, and the backend door-to-door service. The company has won millions angel rounds of financing, investment from angel investors xue savages.

the foreign company

1, hairdressing platform Wahanda received C $26 million round of investment

Wahanda (https://www.wahanda.com/) was founded in 2010, is a beauty salon O2O services platform, providing beauty hairdresser docking with the user’s service, the company has received $26 million C round of investment, the Recruit Strategic Partners, Fidelity Growth Partners, Europe Lepe Partners, joint investment, so total financing more than $37.6 million.

2, online booking service startup Pillpack received A $8.8 million round of funding

PillPack (https://www.pillpack.com/) was established in January 2013, is a start-up company offering online order medicine service, and provide door-to-door delivery service at the same time. The company has completed A $8.8 million round of funding, the QueensBridge Venture Partners, High Line Venture Partners, Atlas, Accel Partners, joint investment, etc.

3, nail beauty services MiniLuxe received $23 million C round

MiniLuxe (http://www.miniluxe.com/) was founded in 2007, is a nail beauty services company. Round of financing, the company has received $23 million C by Beechwood Capital, Silverado, Cue Ball joint investment, etc.

4, enterprise recruitment Jobvite received $25 million D round

Jobvite (http://www.jobvite.com/) was founded in 2003, is a focus in the social network to provide recruitment service technology companies, the development of SaaS platform can improve the efficiency of recruitment for the enterprise, reduce recruitment costs. Round of financing, the company has received $25 million D by CMEA Capital, Trident Capital, ATA Ventures, Catalyst Investors such as joint investment.

5, Japan’s second-hand goods moving electricity Mercari received $23.6 million C round

Mercari (http://www.mercariapp.com) is a mobile shopping application from Tokyo, Japan, through the way of C2C offers users based on the platform of mobile shopping. Mainly clothing, household appliances and other second-hand goods sales. At present, the main customer base for housewives, trade items with women’s clothing and children’s clothes the most. Round of financing, the company has received $23.6 million C by GMO Venture Partners, Globis Capital Partners, Global Brain Corporation, East Ventures, World Innovation Lab such as joint investment.

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