WeChat version into the era of video, the seven things you should know

on September 30, WeChat launched the latest version 6.0, adding small video, card bag, etc. Into the theme of “video” WeChat, users may produce such doubt: traffic video? Why only 6 seconds? How can’t see the card package? Don’t try so hard, the answer came.

WeChat official problem in view of the universal concern of all the user has provided solutions quickly. In the official introduction, chat send each small video is approximately equal to 2 friends photo size, in the circle of friends to send a small video about size equals 3 to find pictures. If you don’t want to let the automatic video playback, also can be in the set to shut down.

with the user, the new function can’t see the card pack. Actually card bag and wallet, but need to get a card voucher, just can see entrance card bag.

in addition, has now launched version 6.0 as the iOS version, Android version will also be in the subsequent online.

here are WeChat official “you may not know about WeChat 6.0, 7 things that will make you more clear understanding of the new function.

1. The small video traffic consumption?

a: small chat in the video, the size of each video is approximately equal to 2 friends image size, the small circle of friends video each approximately equal to three the image size of a circle of friends.

2. How to shut off the automatic small video playback?

a: of course, you don’t want to use small video, also can be in “I – Settings – general – small circle of friends video” in the selection.

3. Why are there no small video set filter?

a: “the only real, it is worth remembering,” to share real life circle of friends, to share your original in front of the world, is our purpose. In addition, don’t add filter and background music can let send more quickly. But we are trying to meet the young uncle and aunt, brother and sister are the needs of more worth looking forward to the future.

4. Why not take?

a: good things to share slowly, do not rule out the possibility of subsequent launch autodyne feature, we first meet the requirements of “take what you see”. (abdominal black, the product manager is intentionally want take party to intermittent mad? ! Ha, ha!)

5. Why is 6 seconds?

a: in order to make harry potter “magic” newspaper to become a reality, we must reduce the recipient’s traffic pressure and the psychological pressure of playing, we are in a small video for half a year before the official launch of acceptance testing, found six seconds is the most suitable length. 6 seconds, it’s a science experiment data!

6. In the micro letter card package is what can’t see?

a: at present, the location of the micro letter card package in micro letter client under the submenu of “I”, and “wallet” function, users get to the first card voucher, can see the entrance card bag. Card vouchers way including: merchants are public, application, qr code scanning business CARDS vouchers. Of course, is the most fast and fun way to directly ask friends for!

7. How many businesses now connect detail letter card voucher system?

a: at present the first 27 participating merchants, including: the public comments, WeChat tickets to the theatre, McDonald’s, qiao jiangnan, quick city hotel, white swan (hotel), China southern airlines, che (ticket), Watson, sun, gome, pharmacists, poly (dress electricity), Apollo friendship department store, guangzhou grand theatre, spice, a tea a sit, Formosa glasses, HOLA, a house, guangfa credit card, hainan airlines, ctrip, Vipshop, long lung, lenovo, with tourism, hit the net. Basic meet the beer and skittles, food and clothing live line. The future will be more and more the dalai!

source: tencent technology

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