WeChat upgrade shake, into the deep waters

author: weibo @ ultra micro letter o Internet luo (luochaotmt)

as a communication and social as the main purpose of tools, WeChat basis function has been very mature, has drastically change the upcoming short time. Function in the media, such as O2O yan with plenty of room to upgrade. From WeChat recently some action, WeChat will revolve around 2015 public accounts, shake, final purpose is to let WeChat generous cash flow get a chance, can fathom, 2015 WeChat will vigorously to liquidate, strive to become a tencent new cash cow.

shake upgrade: micro letter can shake to nearby businesses

after the public platform support comments, according to reports coming from the tencent insiders, micro letter recently and will have big version, one of the highlights is to search for nearby businesses, in addition to text search, can also search by a wave around the merchants. The author understands the current WeChat has cooperation with focus media strategy, relying on the comprehensive deployment iBeacon network, support WeChat shake function, the user as long as the focus in the elevator before the TV advertising, can get near the merchant through shake the package. Shake, micro letter envelopes and nearby people, these functions are mix together, build a new O2O marketing model. This small feature, for micro letter always resist marketing, is a huge change, and is just the tip of the iceberg of the micro letter O2O marketing landscape.

the existence of the public platform for offline enterprise net provides a platform of low threshold, low cost, but understand a little of computer knowledge can apply for the public platform, merchants push messages, to provide services. The third party developers micro letter help enterprises to build more public platform. However, WeChat public platform for new users high cost is also been criticized. Channel to the main findings of the public, the past is scan, the passenger flow is more stock of passenger flow, is very difficult to pull the new.

search nearby businesses, shake the merchants, and near the focus of such offline O2O marketing platform for cooperation, would be tantamount to the merchants who opened a new flow inlet. There is no doubt that the traffic for businesses still need to pay the cost, may eventually become a part of the WeChat marketing advertising platform. The merchants in the baidu keyword, buy set-top advertising, in public comments on future advertising budget might give WeChat part points.

micro letter or advertising platform in research and development, broad points be replaced?

once upon a time, people always think the mobile Internet advertising model is a failure, because the screen size, the network speed and user habit, there is a reluctance to click on mobile ads. But with this problem solved, mobile advertising is mature and baidu mobile revenue is above 36%, the proportion in 2015 there will be big breakthrough. Obviously, is the key to the mobile traffic to liquidate year in 2015.

micro letter holds the largest user group of the longest and most user attention and mobile traffic, has the huge potential of mobile advertisements. Had to quickly launch directly reuse the wide point platform, the effect is not ideal, is the main players from the media, a lot of advertising is such as watch, with the mobile Internet, LBS, the relationship between social network is not large, micro letter resources are wasted. It is against this background, according to deep throat, WeChat are developing their own ads marketing platform.

new advertising marketing platform is not only fully mobile, also combining with service characteristics of O2O, LBS and WeChat, one of which is convenient for similar search nearby shops, shake the shops near this kind of function, it can produce keyword search rankings, according to the effect of public advertising these patterns, this advertising platform may become the second largest source of income after mobile game. Broad point of advertising, of course, customer resources and WeChat sharing is possible, application of distribute ads with the same combination of space.

The effects of

? WeChat into liquid deep

micro letter open platform for public comment at the end of 2014, 2015 to upgrade a wave and search functions, can be roughly see micro letter is no longer as in the past to “marketing” so fear, but embrace of marketing, marketing potential release micro letter, this also means that micro letter will soon celebrate new liquid phase, the mobile phone games have already can’t satisfy the appetite of the micro letter, around the platform are yan out of advertising content, application of distribution, search ads, O2O, mobile games, buy electricity, Internet financial and other business model. In 2015, the emphasis may be advertising.

no accident, the micro letter a new generation of advertising platform which the important part is O2O advertising for offline merchants. This will no doubt make the micro letter with baidu such traditional search entry and 58 “intermediate page” advertising platform a huge competition. WeChat and, on the other hand, focus media and other complementary O2O interactive platform, focus on technology and WeChat complementary, use all over the country building iBeacon billboard structures, O2O marketing scenario, the on the resource can be imported into the offline merchants resources WeChat, in fact be O2O marketing integrated service provider.

third-party developers also have a new opportunity. Help enterprises to do micro letter development in the past, just pure technical services. Are more focused on how to perfect the public platform immediately after get quick results, such as how to serve ads to nearby, how to lower costs for potential users. If the micro letter O2O advertising platform, the third-party developers can help companies with good future this advertising platform, completes the marketing micro letter. Is, micro letter marketing is no longer in the stream of Chen anzhi ever fool course, but a solid field of technology, like search engine yan out of SEM, the future there will be a kind of business, called: WXM (marketing) for micro letter, if you don’t spend money, is the WXO (optimization) for micro letter.


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