Wearable devices where gap between imagination and technology

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on September 9, high-profile Apple finally Watch on Apple’s fall 2014 new conference revealed. Apple to Apple the positioning of the Watch is a comprehensive health and movement track of wearable devices. Throughout the years of wearable equipment market, more and more technology companies launched its wearable equipment products, such as MOTOROLA’s Moto 360, Fitbit company new fitness wristbands Force, Google launched Google Glass and millet’s millet bracelet and so on.

at present, wearable device of the global market is still in the initial stage of development, can think of is the future development of space is very large, with related wearable technology will continuously perfect and mature, and comprehensive into the possibility of life is also a great deal of ordinary people.

before thorough understanding wearable devices, we first introduce shallow just what is a wearable device. Wearable device is a kind of wear directly in the body, or integrated into the user’s clothing and accessories on the portable devices. It is not only a hardware device, it is a kind of support by software, and data interaction, the cloud interaction to achieve power equipment. We can find that, wearable devices will bring to our life, perception, and so on a lot of change.

then, we came to know about the more successful or the representative quality on the market at present wearable devices.

epson series Pulsense wearable devices:

epson series Pulsense wearable devices including smart bracelet watches and intelligence. These products is a combination of epson company’s biological sensing technology and cloud-based services, the main selling point fitness, health and sports demand.

with the PS – 500 intelligent Pulsense series intelligent bracelet watches and PS – 100, for example, they are all has the identification function of biological induction wearable devices, wrist strength of heart rate, activity, calories burned and sleep patterns have monitoring and data storage function, and can be through the apple or android mobile phone application software system, the storage of its own data to online and/or health and fitness services, software, or upload software to transmit the data through the computer.

Google Glass:

Google Glass was launched in 2012 Google company wearable devices. The device consists of a piece of the right side at the top of the miniature display, a right lateral parallel to 720 p quality cameras, one is located in the temple on the touch pad, and the speaker, microphone, gyroscope sensor and can support 6 hours of built-in battery power, combined with acoustic control, navigation, photography and video chat, and other functions.


AppleWatch is one of the apple smart watches, is also a wearable smart devices. This watch with a built-in iOS and Facetime, WiFi, bluetooth, Airplay, etc. Apple Watch also support the Retina touch screen, with 16 gb of storage space.

BrainLink meaning thought hoop:

BrainLink Italy thought hoop is shenzhen macro intelligence technology co., LTD. Designed for iOS development of accessories products, it is a head-mounted sensors brain waves. As a wearable device, it can be connected via bluetooth wireless smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers or smart TV terminal equipment, etc. Cooperate with the corresponding application software can promote the interaction between the power of thought control.

Brainlink reference the overseas advanced brain-computer interface technology, can let the mobile phone or tablet in time understanding to the user state of the brain, such as whether to focus, tension, relax or fatigue. Can take the initiative to adjust its focus and relaxation degree to give mobile phone tablet computer instruction, so as to realize the magic power of thought control “.

from the above we can see that in the introduction of many, wearable devices with tentacles into all aspects of life, as well as combining with new technology of the very popular. The development of wearable devices now?

in the early 1960 s, wearable devices will gradually rise, in recent years, with the breakthrough of related technology, wearable device is explosive growth. Wearable devices in 2012 shipments reached 2.3 million units, in 2013 reached 7.65 million units, which is expected to break 20 million mark in 2014. In the Chinese market, for example, the current mainstream of wearable devices including smart watches, intelligent hand ring, smart glasses, intelligent air quality tester and so on.

wearable equipment market prospect is good, but each field is bound to be in a bubble, and set off the fuse these bubbles will is wearable devices, here are some short:

1. The price expensive:

Nike + FuelBand SE sells for $149, MOTO sells for $360 and $249, while Google Glass prices even as much as $1500. High prices for these wearable devices become rich talent can consumption of luxury goods, also let products to mass production, is bound to cause the product couldn’t get into the mass market.

2. The battery life time is short:

usually, smart watch battery life in 24 hours, and opened up more power consumption will increase more, as a result, the user has to charge 2 times a day to ensure the normal use.

3. The function is not complete:

a lot of wearable devices supporting the use of mobile phones can be used normally, need to clearly, the wearable device is still unable to achieve functional integration in order to achieve using standard. Imagine if the need to form a complete set of mobile phone, why consumers also need to purchase a wearable device.

4. Light weight appearance and practical:

most wearable device appearance is very cool, many users buy wearable equipment requirements are very fashionable appearance, to the effect of the intelligence is not too concerned about. True appearance fashion is to attract the user’s role, but this is more like to make up for the disadvantage of practicality is not strong. Indeed, to get a smartphone or tablet reduced to the size of a watch, not only have high request for functional integration, support for hardware and its technology also has a high requirement.

German consumer research firm (GFK) recently released a report about wearable equipment market research showed that a third of the wearable device users within 6 months after buy products will no longer use the product. Which seems to indicate that, after the impulse of dissipation on the grounds of sleek, users begin to pay close attention to the practicality. If, the practicability of wearable devices far short of the user’s requirements, inevitably will not have the fate. Practicability should, therefore, is an important part of the wearable equipment manufacturers concern.

according to the research report, although very smart watch fire, but this kind of product’s share of only 11%, health and sports track product with the highest market share of 39%. EVERY laboratory also believes that, in the field of health care should be the most promising wearable equipment field. Why do you say so?

wearable devices in the field of health care the most conforms to the “practical” features, often as long as it is really solve the rigid demand the product, the user will be continuous hot.

smart bracelet smart glasses such products due to the use of its own limitations, as an ornament can eke out, but in the future it will be phased out phone. And truly valuable should be combined with health care wearable equipment products.

big data and the development of mobile Internet, let the health care industry data to be able to connect with the device.

cloud network editor you think hunting, wearable devices, though still in its infancy, but the next few years it will be from concepts to the real product, more into our social network system. For those who want to enter this industry entrepreneurs, understand the demand of users really is a stepping stone to success, walk the first practical second appearance era will soon die.

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