Wearable devices new flashpoint: invasion of enterprise staff job market

cloud network hunting note: a new technology or new products put into use often leads to a series of influence, the popularity of wearable device for the employees normal production and life bring a lot of convenience and magical place, but also for the employee’s privacy and confidential documents constitute a certain influence. How to correctly treat the wearable devices this double-edged sword is a problem that many companies need to consider.

wearable devices have like hail impact on the market today. From wristwatches to glasses, from the hat to the belt, all kinds of chips and sensors are integrated in our clothes and ornaments, this type of product market in the short term, there seems to be no signs of slowing. In fact, according to IDTechEx, is expected to wearable equipment market share in 2024 will exceed $70 billion.

from the point of waiting for the listing of the Apple Watch, this product is expected to enter the market in early 2015, wearable device in people’s workplace become ubiquitous, especially those with innovation and change is famous for its big technology companies, is the product which is very common.

but for some, the wearable device can significantly improve some companies in some respects the workflow and work efficiency, through the data collected by these wearable devices, employees work for insight will reach a new level. For another group of people, with the inevitable invasion of wearable equipment, will mean that we will be forced to accept the equipment brought by the “nightmare”, as well as some security hidden danger, the policy of the unknown, and some new disciplines.

wearable devices in the field of labor to redefine the big data

wearable devices to collect employees’ daily work of a large amount of data provides the opportunity to collect the data and then through the forecast analysis, of great benefit to the employees.

employees saw the wearable device is indeed a very good chance. According to PWC, a study of 1000 American adults, points out that 77% of respondents believe the benefits of wearable technology is itself there is the potential, it can make staff more efficient and more production capacity into work. In addition, 46% of those surveyed said their companies should for employees in wearable cast a sum of money on equipment.

effective information collected by the wearable devices, by a certain organization after finishing can increase productivity and to some extent mentioned staff’s professional level, can reduce the number of false medical staff. But the data in some cases, destroy the existing welfare and reward mechanism. Wearable devices to allow employees outside when on the move, need not consider back to headquarters to attend a meeting, organize the real time information collected, and then reflect the true value of these data.

, for example, wearable device can allow owners to understand the staff a day what done, can achieve the specified image in a certain time, and then can quickly identify analysis out inefficient employees. According to employees’ preferences and habits, these information can return on investment of the company and find out the ways to improve employee engagement has a huge impact.

by wearable equipment real-time observation and analysis, the model can even infiltrated the staff just at the time of induction process. By preloading to a wearable device in the training manual, to help the employee better integrated into the company. Considering a lot of competition among technology giants, in the face of the challenge of attracting and retaining top talent, to ensure that the harmonious relationship between employers and employees, how to effectively retain staff, these aspects are a long way to go.

use these technologies to further emphasize the new health plan, which has become the theme of the common wearable equipment field. Wearable devices health management functions, from the Fitbit to Samsung Gear, employees are able to allow employers to understand some of the personal habits, these are not before.

we’ve already seen some solutions about the health, the most common is to focus on the body of some indicators, management and weight loss. Some devices can even track employees sitting at your desk is correct. Can imagine, there is a wearable device, according to the actual situation of staff advised him to climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Or is to eat a healthy lunch instead of junk food. If the staff made the right choice, they will get some corresponding reward.

a capricious “cabin equipment” nightmare?

just like any new technology, when it was just used always accompanied by some security and privacy issues. Wearable devices like make this problem become more complicated. According to the previously mentioned PWC’s survey, 82% of respondents worry about wearable device infringes their privacy, while 66% of people think that wearable devices would make them more vulnerable to the threat of data security breach. If you are not careful lost your smart phone or a tablet, inside information can easily be erase or use. Wearable devices will provide the same function?

wearable equipment mining are some of the most intimate, the most sensitive information, it is because of the particularity of the information, also can let them become a hacker attacks simple goal. When the device is connected to the unencrypted wireless network or outside of work in unsafe operation under the network environment, can let employees wearable devices are very vulnerable to influence. Using a very simple data sharing function, some sensitive business information is likely to fall into some ulterior motives in the wrong hands.

as more and more employees to use their own personal wearable devices in a work, keep the information security has become a a daunting task of many potential threats.

although the introduction of new technology of the time of headache, but wearable devices would inevitably in daily business activities play an increasingly important role. Realize a kind of innovation, the modern science and technology, to enhance the employees in a company of science and technology experience, but they before using the equipment and technology to understand new privacy policy and some necessary safety instruction.

brave Brave New World

by wearable devices by statistical data, makes a more accurate understanding of our employees. Under the condition of the proper use of these devices, take appropriate safety measures, these wearable devices can improve the work efficiency of the whole, improve the staff’s participation, make employees play out their biggest productivity.


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