Wealth optimizing network, change is “fool” passive financial management stage

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this is the first year of the Internet financial, but shall not be denied, though Internet finance has been the media and popular social reading, but in this area, there are most people at the stage of passive management is “fool”, information asymmetry exists forever. Via the Internet means to reduce this asymmetry, wealth management products this should be simple and transparent, easy to understand. New product wealth optimization team is doing such a thing.

wealth optimizing network product positioning is: focus on Internet finance search service platform. Now includes 26 mainstream P2P network daily thousands of P2P lending platform products and 64 Internet baby products.

P2P financial product updates, automatic rating and financing progress simultaneously. Convenient investor screening contrast. Baby class financial product provides daily revenue ranking and broadcast, broadcast is the product of the most revenue.

founder Wang Chunxian tell hunting cloud network, wealth, optimizing network product positioning is: wide range of Internet users, including P2P network users, loan baby class financial users. Overall site consists of three parts, the P2P network search + baby class loan income ranking + financial community. Subsequent wealth optimizing network will get through trade links, explore automated trading, dealmaking, via the Internet technology to reduce financial risk of the user to improve investors financial income and investment convenience.

Wang Chunxian tell hunting cloud network, although the Internet financial is very hot, but further to get to know you will find that the permeability in only 10% +. So, the Internet financial has not let the general public to accept. But with the further popularization of mobile Internet and high financial threshold is reduced, the Internet banking will become every family and even every adult standard, financial search also will be the first stop Internet banking users.

founding team, founder Wang Chunxian from sohu, have rich experience, the Internet and the Internet financial founded 12 years YunLang technology and make a profit. Team members make young, consists of after after 85 and 85.

current financial search and the players including gold axe, 360 etc. Compared with them, wealth optimizing network finance search more focused on the Internet. On July 12, officially launched operations, do not make promotion of the current month + 5000 active users. Wang Chunxian, said mobile terminal product will soon in the future.

Optimizing network

wealthCompany: YunLang information technology co., LTD.


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