We can make with haier U + soil, why “asymmetric cooperation”?

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recently, soil science and haier U + platform, intelligent household opening laboratory in Beijing for developers to provide the necessary research and development of creative design, equipment, technology, environment and other resources to support. The cooperation in the intelligent hardware unprecedented: haier is the old hardware giant, soil is just emerging entrepreneurial teams, is to forget; Strength is sea er home appliance household, soil is wearable devices as the main team. Can achieve this “asymmetric cooperation” and intriguing.

smart home each dry lack of standard

smart hardware is a system, rather than isolated item. The system can sense the environment and the user, connectivity, linkage type of response, giving people more comfortable, simple and smart life. But the most intelligent hardware only can be connected to the Internet, by mobile phone App remote control, can put some data synchronization to the cloud, in addition, there is no much practical significance, is far from intelligent, core reason lies in the intelligent hardware players is numerous, the Internet giant, as between the entrepreneur and hardware company, there is no uniform standard Can’t interconnectivity between each other, exchange data sharing and service, do not give users a good product and service experience.

so, the most important is intelligence household industry has been a lack of a strong platform to provide a DE facto standard or protocol, let different vendor products can be based on the standard and platform for connectivity. As the largest home appliance giant haier, to intelligent hardware transformation and the most active.

haier launched in March 2014 U + intelligent life open platform, U + intelligent life open platform is a set of intelligent household standard, through an open SDK, API interface, and cloud platform can not only make haier can interconnectivity between its intelligent home appliances products, also can let other third-party equipment and services to join U + platform, realize the connectivity, data sharing and service.

choose the soil of deep significance is haier more to bring the entrepreneurs

U + intelligent life platform for haier has a future. In addition to make haier has its own intelligent household products users have a better experience, real intelligence, will also help haier to build an ecological, begin at the bottom of the intelligence and physical league in the world in the future they hold. Haier U + intelligent life open platform landing, you need the support of other hardware player.

relative to the Internet giant, entrepreneurs are more likely to be “win”. Very simple, baidu, jingdong and ali player has a corresponding intelligent household health and intelligence platform, to a certain extent can think they compete with haier U + is relationship. Haier joint laboratory, do U + select soil, it is because of U + need close relationships with entrepreneurs, haier should bow humbly and dimension is not so big players in hand, flexible learning entrepreneurs play and create customer’s mind.

soil is well-known wearable equipment start-up, because a skip events in the industry has a wide range of visibility. Unknown, soil, main members of the team is mostly hardware geek. Wang Wei had a meal with the author revealed that wish to build a lab. Some pit, one is the soil, meet some frustration experience sharing for entrepreneurs, 2 it is to want to use the geek promotes the communication of commercialization and share in a guest creative thinking, 3 it is with an open mind to the connectivity between different hardware products, rather than each to each.

soil laboratory, want to do, haier U + want through opening laboratory to entrepreneurs to join U + ecology, exploring an effective ground model, coupled with both advocate open mind, against a closed ecological system, success will come together.

smart home are not isolated, and wearable, intelligent, healthy, intelligent vehicle

soil strength is wearable device, main product is based on the smart watch e-ink screens, haier U + position open platform for the wisdom of life, haier’s strength lies in the user’s home. Look do not have too big to do both. But the haier’s appetite is bigger, do is intelligent life, covering all aspects. It must be out of the scope of household, because part of family life for only one time – although it is the most time.

smart home is not isolated, the future control of smart home interactive terminal, not only the phone, will also have a watch, bracelet. Also, since they can interact with household, naturally, some with intelligent car or something intelligent hardware interaction. Or go back to a problem: connectivity, not only the electrical appliances to connectivity between, all intelligent hardware connectivity requirements, the physical world will be a huge of sensor network connectivity.

but watch has extraordinary significance: because you can completely replace the intelligent hand ring, and close-fitting associated with people, watches can have interactive terminal, information equipment, data upload and personal ID identification equipment himself in the watch the future users can use voice control lighting, home appliances, automobile, can receive reminder from various devices, other devices can use the cloud for watch data-aware user who is it? Where are now? What kind of personalized needs?

U + cooperation with soil, haier, is the traditional hardware companies and a geek, entrepreneurial team cooperation, is also a smart home giant cooperation with wearable rookie, final purpose is to promote more products achieve interconnectivity in lab. It’s not hard to guess in haier U + with soil, after the successful cooperation, there will be more intelligent hardware team will receive a haier an olive branch.


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