We also need! Civil petition site Change.org won $25 million in financing

Change.org founded in 2007, is a non-profit social networking sites, has got a rapid growth since birth. The website dedicated to providing the world’s largest platform for social change, presided over a series of a variety of petitions from global users. A few days ago, the site from a large number of top investors received a $25 million investment.

the company to the net friend built a platform, anyone can by publishing a petition, to participate in the local community development, promote social change. Although the petition is free, but if you want to promote a petition, resonate more people, users have to pay. And Change.org is in such a way to make money (Change.org is to provide public, at the same time, a new type of enterprise profit).

as more and more people have been published on the website of the petition, the scale of the Change.org is more and more big. Last may, the number of users increased to 35 million, driven by $15 million in the first round of financing, the company established by the founder Pierre, Naomi al led Mr M dia network investment group. And in the past 18 months, the user has soared to more than 80 million, bring new financing.

in this round of financing, Change.org decided to business, technology and political leaders in the field of open the door. Companies hope that through this, let those investors through its own network to promote the Change.org platform.

投资者包括:Code.org联合创始人Ali Partovi和Hadi Partovi,《赫芬顿邮报》创始人Arianna Huffington,Textmarks董事长Ariel Poler,A-Grade Invetments的Ashton Kutcher和Guy Oseary,微软创始人比尔·盖茨,Braintree创始人Bryan Johnson,谷歌员工Diane Tang,Twitter 联合创始人Evan Williams,前Facebook、YouTube 首席财务官吉迪恩·余(Gideon Yu),Ooga Labs 联合创始人James Currier,LinkedIn 首席执行官Jeff Weiner,已退休的JPMorgan Partners 联合创始人兼管理合伙人杰弗里·沃克(Jeffrey Walker),雅虎联合创始人杨致远(Jerry Yang),Palantir 联合创始人乔·朗斯代尔(Joe Lonsdale),Twitter 全球媒体副总裁凯蒂·斯坦顿(Katie Stanton),Grokker 创始人罗娜·伯恩斯坦(Lorna Borenstein),Bebo 联合创始人迈克尔·伯奇(Michael Birch),莫蒂默尔·大卫·萨克勒博士(Dr. Mortimer D. Sackler)家人,尼古拉斯·伯格鲁恩(Nicolas Berggruen),LinkedIn 联合创始人里德·霍夫曼(Redd Hoffman),维珍集团创始人理查德·布兰森(Richard Branson),Y Combinator 总裁萨姆·阿尔特曼(Sam Altman),MITS Fund 的肖恩·拜尔斯(Shawn Byers),以及Trawalla Foundation 基金。

the support of a large group of investors can not only have very good publicity effect, and they also has practical significance in fiscal spending. With this as much as $25 million, Change.org to seek expansion, especially the engineering department.

at present, the company in the world there are 200 employees, set up the field office in 20 countries, for the local citizens’ movement to offer help. The company is preparing to add more offices. Through in each city to hire local staff, Change.org can better feed into the local community, and learn about the latest situation of the residents live all over the world.

engineering, Change.org is trying to build convenient mobile users to create and support a petition. The company also plans to launch an elected officials to use tools, make them know the most important problems in their community, and directly with the residents to explore solutions. Finally, Change.org hope to improve localization, in order to meet the needs of increasingly global audience.


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