Way cattle, a $148 million investment such as hony jingdong ctrip

way cattle travel network (NASDAQ: TOUR) today announced with hony, jingdong mall, ctrip subsidiary “ctrip investment” and the way cattle CEO and COO signed the share subscription agreement. According to the agreement, the way cattle will sell $148 million of newly issued shares to the investors.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, ctrip this to overweight, while hony, jingdong mall be bull of new shareholders. According to the share subscription agreement, hony, jingdong, ctrip investment way cattle, chairman and chief executive in Kingston and way cattle YanHaiFeng chief operating officer, agree with $50 million, $50 million, $15 million, $16.5 million and $16.5 million for cattle class A common stock. According to the announcement, the transaction price $4.0203 per share, the American depositary receipts of $12.061 a share.

the owners agreed to within six months after signing of this agreement does not sell and transfer subscribing for shares in the offering.

way cattle travel network is China’s leading online leisure travel company. Way cattle’s online platform and moving platform provide rich variety of tourism products for consumers, including join the swim team, Tours and travel related services and products. Way cattle has more than 450000 tourism products (SKUs), covering 120 countries and regions in the world, and all of China’s top tourist spots. Way cattle provide consumers with one-stop leisure travel plan, its online and offline network contains about 600 travel consultant, all year round type call center located in nanjing, located in the guangzhou area 60 regional service center, call center and provide consumers with high-quality consumer experience.

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