Warn you check the number of mobile phones, Checky want to help you quit mobile phone addiction disorder

Clam company believes in the world of the Internet is highly developed, meditation and mindfulness can give you a day of relaxation in the required adequate rest, calm your mind, and help keep you safe, quiet sleep. So the company is to launch such a called Checky application, its design purpose is to let you know how long do you have in a day time to focus on mobile phone, in order to remind you to pay attention to rest.

this app is very simple and clear to tell you how many times a day to see their mobile phone, also recorded the sites and applications. In fact, this is an advertisement of a Clam reference technology dependence and behavior change the concept of the flagship of the application. The app also belongs to the text ads, because it is below the screen to join the meditation about its application in the link, so recently funding by $578000.

if you feel Checky concept is very familiar, and this is true, because the application of this concept is similar to have appeared. Recently a similar application, called my Moment it records you use a mobile phone, and have set to remind function, to reduce the time spent on the mobile phone. But Checky strategy is slightly different, it is not through the minutes to calculate, but keep trying to tell you: “how many times I looked at the mobile phone in a day?”

of course, you look at the process of cell phone or long or short, but this app is mainly to see if you have a tendency to always take the phone out of pocket to see, so you can see yourself over a period of time checking my basic formed by counting.

“, like many people, I am very addicted to mobile phones, “the founder of Clam Alex Tew said,” I clearly know that even now, most of the time I check my mobile phone more than 100 times. In fact, yesterday I checked my phone records up to 124 times. So far today, I looked at the 76 times. The new cognitive is easier for the user to control the use of the telephone, “he stressed that” my new goal is to check the mobile phone is less than 100 times a day every day.”

in addition, Tew added, “everyone who saw this app, very want to try out, people are want to know their grades. I think it is likely to be cuddly applications.”

so, yes, if you are interested, you can compare and your friends, and see who is more fascinated by the phone!

you can Checky and Moment, to better understand your daily habits, or you may prefer one more. Or you find the limit your cell phone use is a rather silly thing, especially in such a wish mobile phones strapped to the wrist even eyes keep online at any time of the age, not to be able to in the batteries or flights for free to enjoy the precious few minutes daily rest time, so I have nothing to say.

you can say that, this app using portable technology in our personal life played a role, to remind people of the use of mobile phones to better do sense of value.

Checky examples show that when shortly before developing a experiment on application, is not a new direction or focus on behalf of the company. Tew said the company currently have no plan on other applications.


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