War is the raise: Indiegogo users to raise money for the Ukrainian army

eastern Ukraine conflict lasted for months and continue to upgrade. Ukrainian army annual military budget is only $1.9 billion, the face of the Russian army and well-equipped pro-russian separatist, Ukraine people created a new mode of “the raise war”, all classes together, provide back-up support for national defense.

according to the United Nations estimates that at least more than 4000 deaths in eastern Ukraine conflict, the country’s land flowing with the blood of 5000 gallons of innocent people. The U.S. army institute of surgery early in 2012, it found that 90% of mortality is caused due to excessive blood loss on the battlefield, which can be potentially avoid death. That is like the rivers of the holocaust can be avoided, or not so heavy casualties, brought by the war also can avoid unnecessary waste.

these data has caused a fresh from the United States back to Kiev Ukraine youth Ilya Tymtchenko attention, using the famous American the Indiegogo raise website, he will raise more than $2000, in 10 days for Ukraine soldiers with bandages and hemostatic. Through Facebook, he contacted a friend in the United States, Ukraine’s domestic prices and unreliable postal system, from the United States to buy medical supplies to Kiev. Then he found Kiev local contacts through social media, quickly will wound package sent to the front.

Tymtchenko says he is just one of ten million people, there are so many people are involved in the financing, he and his friends just looking for ways to save lives.

in Ukraine and Russia with Russian invaders separatist struggles in the process of the country inadvertently created a new mode of “the raise war”.

a long time, the patriotic citizens to support war of pay for a long time, such as a riveter during the second world war the United States, volunteers, nurses, and former England manual workers hosiery, but Ukraine all the raise of war and those who are different.

first, Ukraine war the raise pattern produced is inevitable. When Russia annexed the Crimea, Ukraine’s forces at independence in 1991 from 700000 to 150000; Ukraine’s defence spending only $2013 in 1.9 billion, while Russia’s military budget is 35 times of the Ukraine; If these were not enough to explain what, as the kremlin puppet former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych fled Russia after Wallace Dan protest last February, has been cutting forces during bypass foreign military expenses used to enhance their own internal forces, help the people of Russia on Ukraine.

second, Ukraine, the raise pattern behind the war strength is very strong. The grassroots, volunteers and financing through the social media propaganda and collaboration, whether western collective financing website, or text messages, or Ukraine bank electronic terminals, fund-raising campaign depends on a wide range of people power.

it is understood that in the Tymtchenko by financing activities, the vast majority of the contributions of concentrated between $20 to $50, there is a $100 donation if big. Not surprisingly, because Ukraine is still a relatively poor country, per capita GDP is only $3867.

however, it is these small donations, become a great power. Earlier this year, the Ukrainian army launched a fund-raising campaign, as long as send SMS 565, 49 cent to Ukrainian troops can donate to logistics and military support, but the financing movement once launched is overwhelming, reaped $2.3 million in the first five days.

most of the power to raise support for the war comes from private voluntary organizations, many of them have sprung up in the mai Dan protest, then turned to the support for the eastern Ukraine. During the protests in April this year, when I was in for the national review report with a 23-year-old medical volunteers Halyna Tanay talked to each other, when he found some skills can be converted into war.

Tanay said: “the government could not do for so many years, we can do it in a few weeks, it shows that if you really want to do something, you have the strength to do it. Now in eastern Ukraine war, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, cannot have a more lax in danger. We every day in waiting for the arrival of the Russian army, if there is a need to the army, we’ll go. Although the revolution is better than war, but we know what to do, have also been ready.”

these the raise is impressive, the content of the project due to the Ukrainian people will not buy a gun or tanks such military weapons, so most of the project is mainly to raise money for soldiers to provide food, helmets, body armor and warm clothes, there are some project is raised to buy armed vehicles, and reportedly volunteers managed to repair an old machine, given to the army.

a 20 – year – old young man Eugene Levchenko is Ukraine’s reserve forces, he said his favorite in the mail a volunteer was a little boy, the little boy take out $13 all the savings can oneself bought a soldier warm boots.

Vitalii Moroz is involved in volunteer activities many times, especially the defense work, he said recently all drones raise project received extensive attention of the masses, though ambitious, but a plane equipped with camera unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) also is not the whole to $1000 to $7000. Need to know the situation of the enemy and detect the enemy’s fields using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the more the cheaper of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) may be down, the plane could not control myself away by the operator.

and financing and procurement logistics is not simple, collective financing web site have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is convenient to use, but some companies, such as Kickstarter requires that the project must be approved, but most projects from abroad, will cause money transfer problems, this is a lot of problems existing in the project of Ukraine, and almost all websites to charge a high proportion of funds raised for service.

in Ukraine, raising the technical solution is much less than the developed in the United States, there is no special platform to Ukraine soldiers. But Ukraine has hundreds of thousands of volunteers, volunteer organization leading will be announced on Facebook these bank accounts, encourage people to donate money, so people put the money into the corresponding terminal through bank account. Of Ukraine’s largest commercial bank in very popular LiqPay payment system of the bank, at the same time it support online payment transfer and face to face two kinds of remittance way, charge is much lower than the collective financing website.

will supplies to the front, volunteers must be at great risk. According to a reserve officer, sometimes they want to advance to aid the front under the fire of the enemy, even some people will be terrorists or Russian army captured as a hostage.

for ukrainians, mai Dan protests show by the volunteer spirit motivate and inspire them, and that is why many people regard it as a revolution with dignity, in supporting force behind the defenders is a continuation of the struggle is reasonable, because the volunteers hope to restore prosperity of civil society, to create a free western countries to protect the rights of citizens.

Moroz says: “the war with Russia is in the worst case, a lot of people will no longer worry about their position and work, volunteer service makes the creative class war, businessmen and intellectuals together, their efforts to fight for independence.

however, the raise war also has its dark side. It reflects a fatal flaw: the Ukrainian government can not perform even the most basic government duties, unable to fully protect their citizens from threats. And some is not the main body, the islamic countries such as Iran and Syria has been can use technology to support terrorist activities, this is a troubling development.


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