Want to shares: old cell phone into a remote real time with his family

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“the world of finance and economics” report, according to 2013 data show that China mobile phone out of close to 400 million units a year, if calculated on per 10 cm long, even up to 40000 kilometers, it’s about the circumference of the earth, but only 1% of the old cell phones are recycled.

on hardware equipment, new ideas emerge in endlessly, but over his old cell phone is in the minority. Want to shares to do, is to the old cell phone into a key video chat, let even illiterate children and the elderly, can easily video chat with distant relatives. Not only improve the utilization rate of old cell phones and waste, but also the old cell phone into a tool, the carrier, full of deep thoughts pass distant relatives.

founder cheng space in different works for many years, served as huawei senior engineer & amp; The project manager, has received the highest individual honor in huawei. One day, he suddenly thought of, to the old phone to add a base can be rotated to the remote control, implementation to see what was happening in home at any time, at any time with my family and communication, as if they returned home or just at home.

so, cheng space, after a lot of market research also has decisively in the patent of business began to resign. He believes that to shares the products bearing the weight is more than the features of the product itself, also carrying more social value: help children, older people across the digital divide, a key video chat, solve the problem of empty nest elderly and left-behind children.

in our country the elderly and children, two things that are special groups, over 60 of 200 million in China, half empty nester, 85% more than a month to see their children once, most of the time, living alone; And 180 million preschool children in our country, nearly half is the left-behind children, and parents communication very little. Want to shares face, it is precisely these two have the pressing needs of vulnerable groups.

to provide basic free shares the main video phone, video chat a key, network cameras can also remote horizontal vertical rotation, called can be automatically switched on, at any time providing care among relatives; And at the same time of the photos in the mobile phone can be real-time synchronization could be share on shares, let the family dynamic moment to children; In addition, the built-in infrared sensor, automatic detection in a set time if someone after, activities, and thus far to inform family routine.

at present within the team, head, head of the software and APP are respectively have 6 years working experience in engineer, senior developer. The appearance of the product development process, in order to better, to shares to a domestic industry design top award – dongguan cup gold medal ID designer to design, finally to make the appearance of a better solution.

at the same time, the development, also found that want to shares of audio and video calling experience is not ideal, so he invited to domestic well-known webRTC audio experts for the optimization of audio and video calling experience, in the end, want to shares has realized the effect of micro video call letter, fluent and clear.

in terms of business model, to shares are mainly concentrated in two parts:

1, disposable hardware sales:

sales to shares intelligence base, and free access to basic services such as video calls and messages;

2, monthly for value-added service charge:

think shares based platform development of value-added services, such as electronic photo frame, anomaly remind, the elderly fall sleep, etc., on a monthly service charge.

at the moment, want to shares financing, as original invention, has applied for patents 5, constructing a certain patent barriers. The current has passed the review of jingdong team, on January 7, is expected to near the the raise. At present, has already begun in jingdong the raised platform for pre-order. March is expected production shipment.

think shares
Company: Shanghai green mountain technology co., LTD.

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