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since the concept of smart home in 1984 by the United States launched the joint science and technology, intelligent household business has developed for 30 years, however, the situation of this field is not able to open, the core level also no big breakthrough, as if one were to intelligent household in the hesitation to go forward, the industry also have no imagination.

although the development of smart home is not plain sailing, but its menacing momentum or is to be reckoned with.

at home, intelligent household has proliferated, companies are deployed to compete in all fields. Scope mainly include: intelligent household appliances, mobile terminals, intelligent router and other hardware product layer; Cloud platform and content platform, such as large data operation and service layer; Smart home, intelligent community, intelligent security system layer, etc. Because do not have its own system, so can only use popular android, so in terms of standardization can draw lessons from foreign advanced cases, but the domestic research and development of manufacturing, and service operation performance is very positive.

abroad, smart home area presented by Google and apple, led many enterprises competition situation. Such as cisco concentrate and all content couplet, Microsoft Windows CE, Home OS, LOT of system development, but it can’t shake the status of the android and apple system. While Japan and South Korea enterprise through hardware supply chain integration produced many excellent sheet is tasted, but that systematic is lacking.

in recent years, all the words of intelligent home appliances with strong magnetic force continued to gain the attention of people, market share has been increased, that of the first year of 2014 is widely considered to be intelligent home appliances. Smart TV, for example, as the main traditional home appliance enterprises like changhong, midea, haier, samsung, lg scrambling to develop their own intelligent home appliances, such as Letv, millet and strategic Internet company also released the intelligent home appliance, tries hard to share in the field of smart home.

according to wyman (AVC), according to data from the third quarter of 2014 the smart TV penetration rate has reached 57%, is expected to 2020, this number can be up to 93%. Intelligent white electricity transformation, by contrast, a little slower, and even ice, washing, empty category of intelligent also have fast or slow, rhythm, wyman (AVC) data, expects its intelligent products in 2020 to the permeability can achieve 38%, 45% and 38%, respectively. Wyman (AVC) predicts that by 2020, the overall output value will be the trillion-dollar intelligent home appliance, including intelligent hardware output value of six hundred billion, and the derivative of the hardware of cloud services, system services, content services have created the great value of around 400 billion; In addition, by 2020, global networking equipment will reach 25 billion units, 3 times for a total of 7.7 billion human.

all the performance and the data show a trend: the trend of the smart home is to resist the surges.

although intelligent household ferocious, coax coax bullish, however, good idea will befall on schedule? The answer is not known. Because after 30 years development of the intelligent home office with some of his own shortcomings.

is it did not open the market first. concept has been thirty years, but it did not open its market, small market is the result of consumers would not buy it for its nature, because the market is narrow, developers have no enough power to research and development, the product can’t go private. As the latest scientific and technological achievements of smart home because of the high content of science and technology led to high prices, most of the people unbearable, also from the side that the customer can only aim at the upper social niche.

second, technical level is not high. depends on the development of the Internet, smart hardware technology, smart home, that is, over the years really began to development, and the hardware and software experience is not good enough. On the intelligent product design, difficult to meet the demands of users, because not advance is made up of nonconforming product. Just think, if a product functions which kind of function, users will not be used in advance and if the user get a piece of product how can meet the requirements of users.

meanwhile, enclosed the serious influence the development of the industry in harmony. as intelligent household must have the exchange between different products and brands, if the product didn’t contact with each other, the intelligence and how to realize the intelligent household, ACTS up trouble.

the reality of the rapid development of the smart home showed its bright future, the trend will also is from complex to simple, from high-end to the terminal, more full of human feelings, more can meet the needs of users, more intelligent, but the road how to go?

avoid “chicken ribs” function, pay attention to user experience

is the most important market, only expand the market, the development of smart home to the wind. And the market expanding is the premise of must have a lot of users are willing to pay money for it, the first step to promote goes to user experience problems.

relationship with users is particularly important, show that intelligent products must be able to meet the needs of the consumers, to solve practical problems. If the user doesn’t need, don’t go to create demand, or produce a product intelligence is “chicken ribs”. In to solve the problem for the user to create new problems at the same time, such as Nest Protect combines the thermostat and the combination of the smoke alarm for the European and American family is a very good family life supplies.

at the same time, the upgrading of products must keep pace with the demand of users. Because people don’t want to very long term when buying goods, because no one knows what will happen in the future, it has remind businesses in the production of advanced products must pay attention to whether there is a “chicken ribs” function.

like Sonos home audio system does not need the customer one pace reachs the designated position, and the user completely according to their own needs to add their own module, and the Nest Thermostat though to control indoor temperature and improved, so as to save you in energy expenditure, it benefits too abstract for the consumer, it is difficult to actually feel. Therefore, manufacturers must take the user as the standard, as a system of center production practical products, rather than the cool technology, yao strength.

and for the price, in the early stage of the target users, basic can achieve these users can afford.

developing core technology integration of industrial chain and promote large data analysis ability

technology is productivity, through the core technology research and development, the competitiveness of the products will be more powerful, function is based on technology breakthrough in the field of innovation.

but a company technology strength is limited, emphasis will be different, through the integration of industrial chain, implement enterprise technology and a number of each link, the development of the smart home will be more comprehensive. Smart smart, the key lies in connection with the outside world, the advent of the era of mobile Internet has prompted the rapid development of smart home will be integrated, intelligent household field is much better and brighter future.

this area, the hardware and software is very important for the cooperation, complementary advantages, to get. Such as qihoo 360 with the domestic air-conditioning manufacturers launched oakes co-operation in intelligent air conditioning, the two sides together push the first intelligence of new products. With Internet companies in the traditional hardware manufacturing enterprise cooperation, the new intelligent air conditioning loads of WIFI module, with users of mobile APP wirelessly and remote control. At the same time, through data collection and analysis of user information and use behavior, let air conditioning have self-learning function, realize the temperature under different life scenes of self-regulation.

in the industrial chain integration and the development of science and technology at the same time, the price also will be falling, in this way, intelligent household market will expand, service object will be popular.

you can see that the smart home although momentum to be reckoned with, intelligent household into homes, but the distance is still a not close need to explore.

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