Wang Xing: like dogs will “bark”, minimalist social applications


mobile Internet make communication more convenient, fast pace of life for many. More and more people use fragmentation of the time, to communicate in word, need is no longer used to be caring and attentive, share experiences, and so on. Only launched in September this year “Wang Xing man” is a to “make friends like dogs as simple as” social applications.

in the first place, hunting cloud network as a reminder, don’t be fooled by name. This is not a pet as the theme of the APP, but real service in all social applications. Wang Xing people is a minimalist based on acquaintance between tacit understanding social tools, without typing, have a picture can communicate the tacit understanding. Can is meimei’s self-portrait, cloud light sunset, flowers, the grass of the natural landscape. No written communication, interaction with only pictures to convey their position, or doing things, but can be by graffiti to express mood now.

hunting cloud network in Wang Xing website see such personality publicity, specially to share to everyone. “Why good friends (hao), friends (ji) (you) can’t so tacit understanding simple like with Wang Xing people? So Wang Xing APP came out, as the world’s first social applications without typing, we only to the most (LAN) have (DE) (da) (zi) friends.”

because only online discontent for three months, only three main features, first, gently click contact, receive you immediately issued a “wang wang”. Click on the second, after three seconds, shake mobile phone, the other party immediately received your sent to vibrate. Third, long press contacts, can quickly send the snapshot to the other side, and graffiti. Near this feature is almost all there will be a mobile social applications. Wang Xing in accordance with the design, more may be miss two people, on the application of “bark” say hello, and then further contacts in the exchange of photographs, slowly walk from online to reality is also possible.

from the experience of feeling, more like a greeting software, use “wang wang” instead of hello, hello, hello, etc. Like grab a friend and then said to her, “you look at me!” . Similar to the known as the application of history’s most boring — yukio okamoto,. You can add your friends and then send in my address book “yukio okamoto,” to say “hello”, if there is a friend to say hello to you, you will receive a push stripe sound “yukio okamoto,”.

in addition, Wang Xing people can also use the “shock” to show that you has been slow to respond to dissatisfaction. And then sent to the other side of the picture you can see is you want to give his all: let the other side like beauty, let each other feel sick of heavy taste, let the other side are frightened by the horrors of the photos, and so on. Maybe in you come to me to photo, can cohere into a good story. Ha ha, just like writing the script, the plot to make decision by you.

although don’t know what later will join the function of individual character, but only these three functions have been really quite conforms to the minimalist style, but it remains to be seen in terms of increasing user viscosity. Social applications don’t open a bloated shape, such as penguins, all sorts of function, but most people won’t use most of the function. June red “yukio okamoto,”, since April fool’s day online, just two months accumulated 50000 active users, the user has sent more than 4 million times, yukio okamoto, came and founder is therefore a $1.2 million investment. This minimalist social pattern has been on the rise, Wang Xing hunting cloud network will pay close attention to the development of people.

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