Wanda cloud morning hunting 】 【 a buyout lions gate, Intel purchase security company


wanda is negotiate acquisitions lionsgate

wanda chairman wang jianlin said today, wanda is currently in talks to buy lionsgate matters. Although lionsgate only willing to sell a minority stake, but wanda hopes of holding lionsgate. At present, the talks between the two sides still at primary stage, not guaranteed to reach a final agreement. In addition, wanda with Hollywood famous movie company MGM discussed investment matters. Mr Wang also said that the 2020 control plan as part of the global film market 20% market share, wanda also plans to buy big cinema network in Europe. In addition to wanda, alibaba and fosun also plans to invest in Hollywood film industry.

to buy buy buy, I’ll buy rich, national husband this title dad let you sit steady. The sicong grateful, indeed as expected is the father, and then open the message input “LGXXGJDW” don’t know wang didn’t borrow rare world AIDS day brave coming out?

Intel into wearable domain, acquisition of companies safety PasswordBox

Intel will be released next year for the new Google glasses provide processor. The move will also be the semiconductor giant into wearable technology in the field of a big move. The first generation of Google glasses using the chip of ti, and a new generation of products will be replaced by Intel chips. Intel plans to Google glasses to sell to hospitals and manufacturing companies, such as corporate customers, at the same time develop new work for the device. Google and Intel has also carried out in cooperation in other fields, before Google’s server is using Intel chips, the two sides also had cooperation to promote the Google Android and Chrome OS. Intel xeon processor has also been used in the Google driverless cars, Google’s Nexus Play streaming media player also USES the atom.

Intel announced that it has acquired Canadian PasswordBox information technology security company, the two sides did not disclose the amount of trading. PasswordBox, founded in 2012, headquartered in Montreal, to provide users with the identity of the cross-platform management service, allows users through any one device, without having to type or remember password, you can easily login all web sites and applications. After the completion of the transaction, PasswordBox will be integrated into Intel security department’s Safe Identity, PasswordBox all 44 of the current staff will join Intel. According to deloitte consulting services company, according to a report released recently more than 90% of the user’s password vulnerable to hackers. Among them, 10000 of the most commonly used password can log in nearly 98% of the account.

Intel to join, at least you can again for a Google glasses. Into the field of wearable and acquisition security companies, Intel, so hard you family know? Come on.

Google this defeat, Finland, modular smartphone competition with Google

according to IDC, established marketing agency in the United States education market in the third quarter, Google this, beat apple device for the first time. Apple, has presented a craggy, sluggish growth, the market failure on campus, even rougher. According to IDC, schools in the United States in the third quarter centralized purchasing market, Google this dominant design, sold 715500 units, apple’s the only sold 702000 units. Two years ago, this market has just started at school, now is now the campus computing devices, a quarter of the market. The financial times, points out that this victory for Google meaningful, this is Google this beat it for the first time in the education market, Google will gradually narrowing the gap between leader and Microsoft.

Google Project, to be published next month Ara modular smart phones, and its rivals are already follow as follow. The Finnish team Circular Devices is trying to carry out relevant work, plan in the next year his smartphone can upgrade, this is called “Puzzlephone”. It consists of three modules, software and hardware are designed is easy to repair and upgrade. Among them, the “Spine” (the Spine) module contains the LCD display, speakers and equipment structure; “Heart” (Heart) module contains battery, and other electronic parts; “Brain” (Brain) module covers processor and cameras. This concept is designed to allow the user to replace the old module, without the other components have not run out of its life cycle will have to upgrade. Nokia, a former project manager is also developing a modular called Vsenn smartphone project, and consider to gain the upper hand in terms of pricing.

relative to apple has used to focus on AIDS day and positive publicity, Google and Intel is trying to efforts to try again, is to want to take the back seat? Hunting cloud network to cheer you, but the fierce competition at all, or be careful.

apple promotional AIDS day, Blued users up to 15 million

27th world AIDS day is December 1, to show its support, the company first of all, it is located in Sydney, Australia flagship store logo to become red. When Japan, Hong Kong, China, Europe and the United States, time zones have entered 1st, apple’s flagship store logo in these countries and districts also will become red. Calling for rooting out fighting HIV/AIDS. Since 2012, apple gives the RED initiative, by moving the logo into RED 24 hours to arouse the attention from all over the world awareness of HIV/AIDS epidemic. Apple announced on November 26, this year’s event includes purchase 24 specialized application RED theme, activity until December 7, its all proceeds will be donated to the global AIDS foundation directly. In addition, apple has also promised to its “cyber Monday” in the global retail stores and online stores part of the revenue to donate. So far, apple has donated $75 million to the global AIDS foundation. The nasdaq stock market in the regular trading on Monday, apple shares fell $3.88, $115.05, or 3.26%. On Monday the day apple the highest price is $119.25, the lowest price is $111.27; In the last 52 weeks, apple is the highest price is $119.75, the lowest price is $70.51.

the Chinese gay social applications blued in two years attracted 15 million registered users, 3 million of them come from overseas markets. Last month, the Blue City (Blue City) won a silicon valley venture capital firm DCM Ventures $30 million investment. Founder Blued geng le wants to use the money to expand overseas markets, may also have to prepare for ipos. In addition, he also consider launching a date application for lesbians. To run the site, geng le often dealing with government agencies, and show them the site to provide public services, particularly in the information transfer safe sex. Due to the outstanding performance in AIDS prevention, geng le has met premier li keqiang.

can’t, most of the world think gay=HIV/AIDS. “Red apple” should also have a cook’s personal reasons, there is no denying that, in the memorial and promote this point, apple indeed played a large role. In China, the popularity of Blued also let people see the size of the hidden comrade, promotional AIDS, let people into an awareness of HIV/AIDS, to understand the HIV is also one of his mission. Hunting cloud network point one hundred praise to you.

century interconnection and jinshan millet nearly $300 million purchase agreement, such as

century interconnection announced, with golden hill software subsidiary King Venture, millet and temasek signed $296 million worth of stock purchase agreement. According to the century interconnection and jinshan on November 29, 2014, signed the agreement, jinshan will subscribe century interconnection $172 million in stock, price is $3 per share of common stock (the equivalent of American depositary shares $18) per share. This 39087, shares A common shares and 18250268 shares of B shares are the issuance of new shares of the Internet. Transaction is completed, jinshan will hold century interconnection about 11.6% of the equity, represent about 19.9% of the vote. In addition, jinshan shall have the right to the century to nominate a director of the Internet.

and jinshan transaction is completed, the Internet will also work with golden hill signed the memorandum of a business cooperation. According to the memo, the Internet will be set up, operation, maintenance and support a new data center, in order to satisfy the next generation of golden hill and its designated third party cloud infrastructure needs. Meet certain conditions, century interconnection will be in the next three years to golden hill and its designated third party at least 5000 cabinets.

where announced third quarter results revenue increased 107.8% year-on-year

where to release the third quarter unaudited results. Where, according to a report in the third quarter of the total revenue of RMB 501.1 million ($81.6 million), 107.8% more than last year, up 25.2% over the previous quarter. Where attributable to shareholders of the net loss of 566.2 million yuan ($92.3 million), belonging to the same period last year where a net loss of 48.8 million yuan, shareholders last quarter where attributable to shareholders of the net loss of 421.6 million yuan. Eight Wall Street analysts on average expected, where to go in the third quarter of the total revenue will reach $77.6 million; Results showed that go in the third quarter of the total revenue of $81.6 million, beat analysts’ expectations. In the fourth quarter of 2014, where the net total expected revenue grew by 90% to 90%.

internal promotion three executives, sohu zhang tightening control

sohu company release the internal bulletin, said the weight, Ceng Xiongjie, Wei Qian fan until three people bear the important responsibility in sohu reform promotion, which promoted to vice President, fan contributor, Ceng Xiongjie, Wei Qian until promotion to senior director. From the responsibility division, the weight will be responsible for sohu fan media technology and product information platform; Ceng Xiongjie will be responsible for the mobile video and to charge business; Wei Qian until large data centers and advertising system is responsible for group.

Charles zhang said publicly recently, sohu is one of the cradles of the Chinese Internet history, want to personally guided sohu to rise again, mainly including four aspects: sohu news portal, the client and media platform of mobile phone materials, sohu net, search, video, and games. Sohu last public executive internal promotion in February this year, there were four executives get promoted, among them, the Zhou Lin and fang by vice President promoted to senior vice President, former fighter and Yi by senior director promoted to vice President.

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