Wanda and ali cloud morning hunting 】 【 rob first, angel send to prick silk business

wanda to listed, retake the richest

wanda commercial to launch a global roadshow on December 5, 19 December officially listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange, the first raised $or billions. After, Mr Wang will return to China’s richest man.

wanda commercial real estate in the prospectus, said the goal is to become the world’s largest holding of commercial real estate company. Is expected by the end of 2015 with a total construction area of 25 million square meters of completed property.

is fall in love, to kill or how, who when the first anyway, another unwilling into second place. Ali on sale in America and then I’ll go to Hong Kong. Dare to rob my richest man, this is how the Chinese New Year, no I want to rob to come back. Chung ah, don’t be afraid, you still national husband, make you more capricious.

CEO: angel remit to prick silk business

the first formal conference set up three years, the raised platform angel exchange CEO LanNingYu said: first, not all of the social wealth is fit for equity the raise. He called for capital “intellectual capital”, namely a risk and tell the management ability is the surplus capital holdings. Second, entrepreneurial finance, don’t melt too much money at a time, tenet is “small, on-demand, fast, rounds”, don’t be trapped by capital and investors. Third, all equity raising industry at present is still the main risks in the credit risk, to try to prevent fraud, avoid to touch the red line at the same time.

hunting cloud network also learned that at the same time, the angel of tandem down to do this a few things: 1. The business insurance. 2. Two hundred million otaku venture funds. 3. Build a private company value system. 4. The structures, industrial and commercial registration, equity alteration online system.

all have a prick silk, you and I together, go to angel and venture ever! From now on to the pinnacle, marry Bai Fu beauty. Wait a minute, first of all, you have to have a career, second, you can go. How many people are in the marking time, let me see your lonely little hands.

“1 yuan” officially into apple’s China app store new pricing

apple has now officially announced that RMB 1 yuan and three application stores in China will be the new pricing, as a permanent price options. Apple introduced to about pricing, “developers have been can undertake the corresponding pricing for their app, now we are very glad to can choose to launch a new pricing for them.”

that is to say, 1 and 3 yuan application stores in China will be the new pricing, rather than short-term sales promotion behavior, the developers to submit application to Chinese operators stores in other countries can choose these two new price range, the cloud network think hunting, developers and users generally welcomed 1 yuan price, for the user, this gives them a lower threshold for their own application.

through pass by don’t miss, clearance processing, one by one yuan, know one yuan. I think that must be a cook, after coming out to China for our honeymoon accidentally heard slogans. What, does this also coincides with the cook is a “1”, is in the above the small attack, I wipe MAO, the picture is too beautiful, I want to peep.

Google push “shielding” advertising, the lowest $1

Google introduced a new service “Contributor”, users pay a monthly 1 to $3, you can visit site without ads. Payment after the success, the location of the original ads appear frequently will be replaced by a “thank you” message. This service is still in The testing phase at present, including The Onion, collaborating, Urban Dictionary, Mashable. 10 partner sites.

Google’s new service is trying to attract the attention of the user, encouraging them to believe that their subscription service is a very worth $1. But the service may be too late, because users have grown accustomed to free access to information on the Internet. Although Google partner sites won’t track “Contributor” behavior, but can’t guarantee other sites don’t.

big companies and “1” up? Have fun, at least you learn to cook, coming out first, then announced the news.

amazon are very busy, to open entity shop to enter the tourism market

amazon will be before the end of this year’s shopping season using tens of thousands of robot process orders for customers. These robots can identify the barcode and then shelves items moved to human staff accordingly. This will greatly improve human employee’s work efficiency, cost savings for the company.

in addition, amazon has agreed to from Vornado Realty Trust it obtained a 47 in the midtown Manhattan square feet (43000 square metres) of building, some of the area will be the day of distribution center, warehouse, and the company’s first store for terminal customers. Amazon plans will be part of the space into a mini warehouse, on the same day of the New York City as distribution services, product return, and online orders from business to reserve some stock. May also use here show some commodities, including the Kindle, Fire and set-top boxes, etc.

hunting cloud network, according to amazon’s hotel booking service will be officially launched next year, the service will provide provide cities like New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, new hotel rooms information. Relevant spare inside the room can be uploaded to the service, photographs and other information. Amazon will give the hotel reservation information sent via email, and to take a 15% commission. In addition, amazon also seems to be very focus on building their own services, started in each region to provide only a few artificial selection of hotels. The service of tourism page will publish attractive editing content, attract the attention of the user.

don’t content with the status quo of the amazon, recent actions. Young man, a little energy is good, but I feel a little raffish at?

adult supplies electricity “cost-effective” 50 million yuan financing

vertical appeal electricity announced “cost-effective” App has completed A round of financing, 50 million yuan from fortune venture capital investment. At the same time, the ratio of announced renamed “he interesting Touch”. Will follow in the future, he will also buy “beauty”, and other functions, from the vertical electric business community to “electricity” slowly, with the power of A round, hope to put himself into the electricity business Play Boy.

he is boring to do three things: first, on brand, will introduce more foreign brands. Secondly, on the category, increases as the vertical electric business niche, expand existing categories. Third, further enhance the shopping experience. Officials said, at present, it already has more than 2000 users, monthly sales breakthrough 10 million, community user postings to more than 100000. In the past the near double tenth a cost-effective mall turnover broke through 2 million in a single day. Last year, sex toy online market is about 15 billion yuan, and forecast this year can reach 200-25 billion.

who cook of apple and Google, look over here. Later came to China to honeymoon, can buy the things his family well, there may be not the same feeling.

the Uber plans to raise $1 billion, 30 billion valuation

Uber will with more than $30 billion valuation raise $1 billion in venture capital. It is unclear whether have promised investors investment, it is said that there have been several risk investment and Uber negotiate a new round of investment, including sequoia capital. For sequoia capital to early investment, which is rare. Sequoia capital spokesman declined to comment.

Uber intends to sell shares to India, Latin America and the Middle East, famous investors, hoping to attract powerful Allies in the local market, to help it clear growth obstacles. Uber existing shareholders also expressed the desire to invest, wishing to take part in a new round of investment. It is reported, Uber mainly disclosed some data to meet at the meeting. Although has become one of today’s highest valued private startups, but Uber revenue is still accelerating growth. The third fiscal revenue more than expected.

trouble, but also to forgive, no way, money is so capricious. If I do it, okay you go, someone else will come. With more confidence, so must be head and shoulders.

Q3 day pigeon interaction net profit of 7 million yuan, up 44.4% year on year

9158 parent day pigeon interactive Q3 revenue is 173.1 million yuan RMB, the year-on-year growth of 23.9%, after deducting one-time expenses and preferred stock changes in fair value of adjusted net income of 71.637 million yuan, up 44.4% from a year earlier, higher than the previously published six months earnings growth of 31.1%. Pigeon hunting cloud network see from earnings, days of interactive real-time social video platform about 14.35 million monthly active users, up 23.1% from a year earlier. Month paid users reached 335000, up 30.9%, monthly average person can get 161 yuan RMB.


as of September 30, the total number of registered users reached 258.8 million, chat room number is 29676, up 11.1% from a year earlier, the host number rose to 39309, increased 21.0% year-on-year. In addition, the day pigeon interactive mobile monthly active users for the first time millions, more than 1.435 million people, continues to increase weight proportion reached 10%. On the mobile game business, results show that games and other business income is 11.61 million yuan, rose 731.9% year-on-year.

Fab from $1 billion to $15 million in recession

overall e-commerce companies are working with electronics contract manufacturer PCH International, talk about the takeover. But the deal has not yet reached, can still failed negotiations Fab.com sells for only $15 million. But, according to people familiar with the market price may be slightly higher, at $25 million. Deals completed by the end of the earliest.

in the online retail market, Fab around at that time, the vc people the valuation of up to $1 billion for a time. In the back of a takeover talks, Fab, after a year of turmoil. Andreessen Horowitz, First Round Capital, Menlo Ventures such as vc institutions have to Fab investment more than 300 million dollars. Last June, Fab to raise $150 million m, this round of investment led by tecent. But after this round, because the cost out of control and overall withdraw its ambitious overseas expansion plans. In the next few months, the overall cut hundreds of jobs, number of senior executives of departure.

the Internet industry is like a roller coaster, adventure to stop. Only when peak does not forget trough, trough at peak. Share with you.

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