Wait for 4 k TV reduction tide, consumers can proceed with the “trick”

consumer has clearly says: they don’t want the television to get a lot of marketing pattern.

however, TV manufacturers or trying to make a lot of tricks to increase sales, they touted, 3 d TV sales have voice control function and network broadcast TV interface, but these are not really play the role of promoting sales. TV sets are the selling points of the latest high-definition display, also known as the 4 k, but it also faces severe tests.

but is different from the past few years for marketing gimmicks and characteristic, 4 k will be we are happy to accept a feature. Given the current famous manufacturers of 4 k TV price has been maintained at around $1000, as a result, we can see this year as 4 k TV started the first year.

from the technical point of view, the concept of 4 k refers to the resolution of the display to achieve the common hd width and height of the two times. The design of the ultra-high resolution (UHD) contains higher megapixels, improved the color on the screen, make the screen color is more bright and true. Gao Qinghe ultra-high resolution can be used interchangeably, but most of the TV makers can achieve both at the same time.

there is no doubt that 4 k on the video playback is superior to HD TV, TV and history tells us that showed better domestic TV as long as the price is reasonable, can be accepted by the public.

hardware analysis of retail research firm NPD group director Stephen Baker said: “the simple message, right, you don’t have to do anything can enjoy better picture. I think this is obviously a sales “trick”, because of the TV brands and retailers don’t have to explain a lot of strange things, as long as the ably to play.

before the emergence of high-definition TV and high-definition (HD) TV, embodies the television technology of natural evolution: a began to improve the performance of the cost is very high, and is limited by large size, but small and beautiful cheap TV soon become mainstream.

according to the consumer electronics association, according to a survey from 2003 to 2003, high-definition (HD) television took nine years to hold 50% of American families, and now nearly 90% of households have at least one.

the consumer electronics association has forecast in 2014 the United States to sell 38 million television, high-definition TV which will contain 800000. Mr Baker is in no hurry to achieve so much so quickly sales, because the upcoming 4 k TV size is larger, the price is more expensive.

he said: “when we can make a small screen TV, with high quality revolution really coming, and of course it obviously depends on the cost of production.”

in the past two years, samsung, LG, SONY and other electronic products manufacturers have started marketing 4 k screen TV.

samsung on the push of the high-definition television is most active, it hit a 85 – inch television with fixed bracket, the retail price of $45000 (currently has dropped to $40000 m), small high-definition television is the minimum starting at $5500.

SONY television released in 2013 4 k, 55 inch TV at $5000, and 65 – inch will cost $7000, the price of LG also approximately.

but these TV prices fell sharply in a year, a 55 inch SONY 4 k TV now only need $1800, samsung 65 inch equipped with a new generation of LED qu bing multi-function 4 k TV now only $2800.

and parity electronics makers Vizio just launched p series high-definition TV products, including 50 inches television minimum starting at $1000. The TV adopts advanced display technology, although the price is very low, but the quality is not significantly smaller.

Mr Baker says Vizio launch such cheap products are far-reaching, because people trust Vizio, with a large retailers and Vizio, from wal-mart to tesco is its retailers, Vizio will change the market situation in the future.

4 k TV using existing high-definition television programming, this is a question about the chicken and the egg. If there is no in 4 k TV to watch plenty of high-definition image quality of TV shows, people are less willing to buy 4 k TV set, but if very few people buy, there is no way to push the video to the changes of the 4 k high-definition image quality.

there is no 4 k of radio channel, also there are few 4 k of DVD quality.

this means that if you have such a TV, video frequency must also corresponding rise in order to match 4 k of high resolution, want to have a software process through speculation to try to fill the missing pixels, images may be inconsistent, become fragmented.

a former high-end audio and video installation project member wrote in an article about TV technology: “l frequency usually cause screen image fuzzy, especially dynamic scene. Obviously, although we have a lot to improve image quality solutions, but rising frequency is definitely not a perfect solution.”

4 k of more expensive television tend to adopt better litres of frequency image processing technology, some third-party manufacturers of expensive set-top box can also be used to improve the image quality, but in more 4 k on TV before, when consumer is high-definition TV watching high-definition video will be startled.

as more 4 k TV shows, some film studios are using 4 k technology. SONY also in promoting the video makers use it 4 k equipment, sale of higher professional and semi-professional film resolution camera. The company also launched a $700 set-top box, can be stored and playback 70 movies and a new generation of television owners watch TV.

a company called UltraFlix start-up, take advantage of its application, from the scanning in 35 mm film old movies, through digital repair make it into a 4 k digital movie, SONY and are equipped with UltraFlix Vizio high-definition TV applications.

part of SONY’s movies and TV shows from Netflix, are now being made in Netflix also some 4 k series, original series, including the “house of CARDS” and the upcoming “Marco Polo”.

Netflix spokesman Cliff Edwards said: “compared with the traditional physical streaming media format, 4 k as a streaming media formats will become the preferred format in the future, and first in the network popular.”

4 k streaming media needs the support of a new generation of high-definition equipment, due to the size of the 4 k film is 2 times of ordinary high-definition movies, so you need to use the Netflix most expensive $12 a month of broadband, can achieve good connection effect.

Coxon said: “in the coming holiday shopping season, consumers will see the TV show in the walls with clear and perfect pictures, and slowly transform images and animations. Contrast watch HD TV and 4 k on TV channel, you will find 4 k TV is a good choice, especially when you’re on holiday promotion price to buy.”

Source: NYT

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