VOW “music headphones” Chen: focus on doing homebred brand headphones

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record really dead, musicians haven’t power to launch a good work? Today, hunting cloud network interviewed VOW smart CEO of headphones, before digital music network CEO Chen, they and yu quan jointly launched “music headphones” can bring music circle have change, or hope. I privately asked Gary Chen, is it possible to did not send the album with ten years of mandarin diva faye wong cooperation “music headphones,” everything is possible, the next is probably faye wong.

first take headphones VOW we know about the intelligence, pronunciation is close to “wow”, Chen said: “the VOW is vows of meaning, the pursuit of quality of headphones oath, confidence in the quality of music.” Hunting cloud network understanding is that this smart headphones is cool, is everyone screamed: “wow, backpacks!” Because it is the direct impact on the vision is: headphones can have a harvest touch screen on the right, with only this one action, can make eye, new! Tide! The wait will be introduced in detail.

said once I see here is that the star “yu quan”, white headphones, “yu quan” sign on the right, the left is the album name “dare to love. , of course, important, 16 gb of memory to load the “dare to love,” the master copy of this album nondestructive file, cooperate with the VOW smart headphones, hearing on the shock to enjoy. When they said before the audition the faye wong’s “sky” to try, and have one. This totally immersed in the shock of “dare to love” album, should forget, must try next time.

on April 8, 2014, VOW smart headphones MUSEXPO music world summit on the official launch in Los Angeles; On May 20, the winner of the 15th “San Francisco music technology summit” innovation award. According to hunt cloud network understanding, headphones with high quality speaker unit and effect, more than 500000 times the voice, with the most international professional team training, it is no wonder that VOW smart headphones Beats as competitors. In addition is some people know about the basic information, here please allow me to list a: impedance 50 ohm, drive phi 50 mm, built-in DSP, customized operating system and VOW UI, 1.2 G dual-core, WCDMA + GSM 3 G, WIFI, Bluetooth 4.0, 16 gb flash memory, two pieces of 1600 mah battery, battery life at about ten hours. 360 degrees at the same time, the automatic tuning package, can fit different head shape; Earmuffs is removable type, all kinds of color can change.

this smart phone too smart in separate touch screen. Is it convenient to on the right, right hand take back. First of all, it is to take magnetic adsorption, pick and place are easily; Secondly it’s design inspiration from the lamborghini sports car tires, can stay cool. Finally, it has a 2.2 -inch screen, circular framework is paired with a rectangle screen, good abrupt said. Well, that’s not the point, the point is, it is built into the PANDORA, douban FM, WeChat and star together starlight four application of science and technology itself. According to Chen, the four application meets the international orientation, light social and the function of music. Of course, you can also download yourself like application on the smart phone. On the other side of the corresponding, it is a play of simple control interface, sliding around to adjust the volume, up and down the slide switch songs, light touch between play and pause.

apple bought Beats, the two sides have brought the first – Solo 2 Wireless. The appearance and Solo 2 basic consistent, the only difference is, add the function of the wireless bluetooth connection. VOW very forward-looking add WIFI and 3 g, this is not so much a intelligent headphones, the Beats as a rival than the intelligence of a “iPod + Beats” headphones. Hunting cloud network can imagine some music enthusiasts, and even the street without a mobile phone and headset, with only a VOW smart headphones. A headset music and light social calls the function, even for love music, also like simple friend, sweet.

everyone is talking about music did not have the record, the carrier has said goodbye to the golden period, now only in alive. Even if is gao said “don’t sing sing, can’t sing the blind”, music circles are also negate the entertainment circle, but thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, and lots of classic songs, for the audience with myanmar, was junior worse base. I remember in 2003, wang attended the anti-piracy concert, and the power of the musicians’ rights or impact annihilated by digital music. October this year, Taylor swift is required by the worldwide own songs, and songs are their own work achievement, free downloads, etc. So the theft.

this smart headphones, and introduced the concept of “music headphones”, yu quan cooperation can bring the long drought of the recording industry of quench water, even the rich abundant water. Chen told hunting cloud network, at present, and in Hong Kong and Taiwan, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea launched a wide range of contacts, list hundreds of away, how it’s going to be a bright star lineup. And yu quan successful cooperation as before, more can stimulate the wait-and-see attitude of the star’s interest, reputation and influence will be more and more big, to produce a combination of good situation of win-win cooperation.

due to Mr. Chen for his company’s “starlight” hidden, so there is no way to understand in detail to this is a kind of how to make the celebrity also can earn money, can inspire artists creation motivation. But hunting cloud network made a rough guess, Chen define the VOW to “iPod + Beats”. This means that the user is not a free MP3 version of the new songs, but paid the download copyrighted music order. To protect the musicians work achievement.

Chen said, is not simply repeat the pattern of music headphones can has long been the public recognition. Actually and yu quan cooperation also is because there is an appropriate opportunity appear, yu quan also has been committed to the record industry model innovation, hope to try to make some different, to get a good result. So, Chen told cloud network hunting, anything is possible, but also have different window appears, can attract people.

for the development of the product in the future, I also made some assumptions, or Suggestions. Chen responded, is now focused on the quality of the product, as a wearable intelligent device, to clear the crowd, meet the needs of specific users. For product iteration steps run at the same time, it is understood that next month will launch a new product. We look forward to together.

in the end, I election-perhaps a somewhat peripherally asked a lot of things about faye wong, such as have the new album is made, and so on. Ten years since I last album, moreover, faye wong recently for the theme from the movie “when he was in a hurry” across a larger list, continuous TuBang. At the end of the year for Yang “dreams dragon” singing song “dream”. When asked about the next partner would think faye wong, Mr. Chen told me that there will be possible. Jingers also accidentally learned that wong’s big daughter, is in the United States have their own brokerage team agent oh, not before been Katie part-time.

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