Visualization of the calculator, ShetCalc do more humanized than the Excel

think mathematics is dizzy, operation will meet addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division head “cute” little friends, see come over quickly. Find SheetCalc computing technology which is strong, application field. The visual application of SheetCalc is a simple operation. Interested friends, welcome to watch oh.

according to data shows that the world, only 12.5% of the population has a higher than average level of math skills. In spite of this, in the market, the calculator application still be stranded in the field of almost completely ignored. We can take a look at those in the list of computer application, and then we can find a new model is rapidly emerging. Minoru SheetCarelc is an iOS application, by the developers Kimoto developed. It has a patented, the unique interface, can serve largely undeveloped middle ground.

just as its name, SheetCalc looks similar to Excel spreadsheets. Due to operating difficulties than Microsoft in terms of the notorious software, convenient SheetCalc operation is obvious, fortunately it is one of the things.

users can start anywhere in the table. You need to input your basic data in large rectangular lattices. Then you want to perform the function of input into relatively slender rectangular lattices.

SheetCalc can fast calculate some basic operations, such as add and subtract Numbers directly, and some more complex functions, such as sales tax exclusion or currency conversion. Sales tax rate can be adjusted according to where you live, and foreign exchange rates can be updated once a day. Records your calculations can be stored in the local, can also be sent via email, or uploaded to the company. Additional functionality will not affect the calculation of convenience. Take Excel, function must manually input; But for SheetCalc, just need the first entry is enough.

the user interface is very intuitive. At first, several groups of wrong operation can be expected, but the application can help you out in two minutes. To visualize the calculation is very useful. Other moderately complex applications, such as who and Fusion Calculator (a convenient and simple Calculator, can drag on the screen with your fingers the Numbers for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division calculations) these computing applications, although also is very helpful for users, but they lack the visual elements.

it is pre-installed iOS application limitations, which inspired the idea for the Kimoto put application first. A few years ago, he buy barbecue in the supermarket. He tried to calculate the cost, but the results prove that apple calculator is far from enough. Considering sales and calculate the total cost of shopping is not the goal of the application.

although Kimoto had some experience in developing the application, but it is not his main job. When Kimoto program director at NHK television studio. He talked about, he and his partner company in design, user interface and function is studied for a whole year of time, and try to success in December 2013 for a patent on the product. Since his intellectual property has been consolidated, Kimoto began to make a commitment.

now, he remains the only employees, apart from some public money reward, he also lead the project successfully. He said that from a long-term perspective, capital injection will help he gives ShetCalc more functions, help him develop an Android version, more able to inject for him the power of propaganda.

Kimoto has now established a few elementary school in and around Tokyo long partnership. SheetCalc for teachers created another way for the development of students’ math skills, chiba university, Japan has become a research topic.

Kimoto didn’t share data download, but he points out that he has been ranked in the App Store and practical application of the payment application of fourth.

is a true test of SheetCalc users (and investors) may look simple dress. The application of the web site said diplomatically, is “retro”. In the 1980 s, this kind of design development to the application itself, also looks a little like the program.

if cast aside, the appearance of design SheetCalc technology and function of the sky’s the limit. From the traditional thinking, form and function of Excel is only limited to the business world.

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