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no doubt, social interest is a trend of mobile social applications. According to Nixon data report, nearly nine into users will find interest in online community, 51% of users will often look for the user community. Even tencent, ali has successively introduced the mobile phone QQ in tribes and he pushed, and other functions, social new markets are testing the waters of interest. Under the trend of the development of the mobile social, launched in September this year an interesting social applications for specifics App, also ran the interest point directly to the social demand.

throughout the stranger social applications on the market, basically divided into two extremes: one extreme is particularly serious dating platform, the other is the strange casual dating, and see where the App to choose from among the two extremes to cut into the market, based on LBS geographic positioning system, found that have a common interest in the other half, interactive structures, stranger dating mechanism through pictures. Visited App entrepreneurial teams, it is actually the original P1 community team and see where the App, founder and CEO wang yu has a rich Internet experience, once worked in Sweden’s Ericsson. About the start-up sound out the App, wang yu told cloud network, hunting “sound out App main small and pure and fresh, is to help users in no heart pressure, like to play games under the relaxed atmosphere of quickly find more talk of a friend.”

sound out App dating process can be simply interpreted as “love each other – & gt; Enjoy the moment a little surprise – & gt; Began to chat “mode. Before each other like, need to do is slide fingers like or skip still photographs, don’t have to take several screen space log to guess each other’s preferences; When users choose to like or dislike photos, sound out automatic recording data on the user’s interest, if only one party to another party, the agent will keep the secret for them; If both sides like each other, see where will be told that they “congratulations, you love each other and XXX!” And then naturally promotion to chat link, so that “make sure will, to be able to chat” dating mechanism, avoid the embarrassment of rejection, and save a lot of expressions of the waste, but also to ensure the user will not receive the harassment of people they don’t like information.

the latest version of the sound out the App, added to upload video and interest in matching function, not only promoted to use eye catching efficiency, also want to through continuous efforts to make the process more.

at present, the sound out App has can be downloaded in the App store and the App store. Recommendation algorithm and dating mechanism is the core part of the sound out the app, seemingly simple game to play the matching process, behind it is huge and complex algorithm support database. Visited the app team is team algorithm through unremitting efforts, further enhance the accuracy of the finding.

look from the current data, see where the app is the most popular among 20 to 28 years old young audience, and female user growth has been more than male users. For specifics of the brand image is of very kind, from the Logo to the name, the design style, all is the mood of the young, sunshine, MOE may be more likely to get girls like some. Wang yu, “sound out the App in the product development time give full consideration to the women’s psychological needs and experience, won the support of many female users, with the rapid growth of female users, it is possible that in the future may become the sound out App attract men the rapid growth of a breakthrough.”

since visited App online for a month, in the absence of marketing, month of growth number more than 100000 users, has produced 1 million pairs, return rate has been more than 65% the next day, every day in the user login, 68% of the users can get at least one pair. Through interviews and user testing found that there are some users expect in the process of chat and dating has better guidance, so the sound out will try to add some “ice-breaking” mechanism, let users shy can also play.

at present, see where the App is in the phase of A round of funding. Current sound out the app users are mainly concentrated in Beijing, the next will be in a planned way step by step to operate promotion, let users in other cities also can find relate as soon as possible on the sound out the app, a little romance, talk of a straight or gay friend, the future perfect sound out the app social attributes and tools.

sound out App

time: in September 2014,


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