Visit the fastest-growing SaaS ever startups: Slack

Slack is a collection of chat, search, file consolidation, and other functions in one of the powerful enterprise applications, the company was born only 8 months worth up to $1.1 billion, but the founder of the company had a failure of entrepreneurial experience, how did they turn to create commercial myth?

Stewart Butterfield, just put him in the summer the company Slack Technologies, moved to San Francisco Folsom street, a new office building, but now he is already considering then the move out or should move up. He didn’t in how to decorate the meeting room of accidental said: “we are prepared to relet out, on the fourth floor”. Slack is located in vancouver, Canada’s office is also a little crude, but it is still open.

Slack, chief executive of Stewart Butterfield, with a tin memo from yahoo (Flickr) yahoo bought his previous company resign, his friends gave him a lot of metal products.

even after four months, in addition to rent tables, an exaggerated to incredible coffee machine and a piece of writing with a Glitch (in detail) later big brand, the headquarters of the Slack in empty. “We just need a place to sit together work” Ali Rayl, Slack within a veteran employee said. “If for the sake of his health, you’d better not consider joining us.”

a and as a meeting room in the music room

kill E-mail, quickly

the present situation of the Slack is when your products become popular what will happen. Slack is mainly developed a tool to help the team communication, such as Slack in general startup, they will cooperate with all kinds of industry enterprises, most of them will pay for a complete service experience, this will increase revenue for regeneration $1 million (if the user is able to adhere to the use of Slack) every month of the year. All this happened within a few months, not spent a few years time, Slack in August 2013, uncover the veil of the product, and then released to the public in February. By the August this year, it has about 128000 active users.

just last week, the company received $120 million in investment, the company’s valuation of about $1.12 billion, that of all the startups is one of the fastest rising value. For Slack, in the industry generally hold incredible high expectations, although the enterprise only 60 employees, and even less than 8 a year ago (new office in San Francisco, there were enough to accommodate 75 people in the room).

including Effie Barak is Slack in the first WP related developers also is one of the many admissions staff recently.

the phenomenon of this rapid growth is a symbol of the revival of the requirements for product quality. Slack Technologies used to be called a Tiny Speck of the company, the company has developed an interactive game called Glitch. And the Tiny Speck company in December 2012. But a blessing in disguise, Tiny Speck retained many of the original development of the internal chat system for their own use, these products integration eventually became Slack.

some of the Slack internal software and office marked Glitch big brand, and such as Rayl these ever joined the Tiny Speck of old memories preserves all the employees.

engineers silence

Slack did everything is deceptively simple. On the surface, its main function is to allow employees to group chat, is a let user can by any means to pass information service application (and mostly free). But Slack is recommended to apply in other service information transfer (enterprise) in the conversation, such as the error report, customer tweets and server status updates, etc., makes the enterprise internal communication up more convenient. Slack in the mobile and desktop applications run seamlessly, never miss the update or synchronization failed.

Slack makes these chats can search, this is a kind of difficult to express in words the innovation, unless you use yourself. This raises a question: since there is a so good team communication tool, so Slack why need an office? Why not use practical actions to support their products?

“some will need to face to face conversation, it more easily.” Brady, head of the Slack in the iOS project Archambo said. Rayl also added: “we only hire people who we want to coexist.”

most like to work in the office for their employees, and sometimes cause difficulties for Butterfield and Rayl, they need through the “meeting” and similar methods to solve their company will encounter problems in the process of development.

new coffee

with the enlargement of the Slack strength unceasingly, employees will need some new ways to adjust the life. After the Glitch is acquired and Slack of that a few months before launch, Rayl, Archambo and Cal Henderson, these a few engineering vice President and co-founder of Slack are together before the SoMa area of San Francisco’s Tiny Speck of living in the office, where conditions are not good.

when they three people have formed the habit of going to a restaurant, and they were in a similar trial application of Slack, so as long as the one in the chat interface input “for lunch?” , and the other two people silently stood up and left the office. By three o ‘clock in the afternoon, they will repeat the previous act together to drink coffee. This silent tacit understanding of the serious influence a visiting friends, friends refused to return to the office and resulting in the months (in the end, this friend, Paul Hammond joined their company and became Slack platform designer).

Slack Henderson, the founder of leading the trend of our employees to drink coffee.

now, inside the Slack, coffee has become a noisy moment. It is by issuing a coffee symbol, um… Is an emoticon and start, the small icon will harass other communications procedures, directly to Slack internal staff Slack chat area, in order to let their awareness to the real world around again, some staff phones even a great voice.

this leads to a local coffee shop often appear Slack employees arranged in long before a phenomenon, but also has benefits: new employees have the opportunity to exchange and experienced staff. “This is a good time and Cal to communicate, it is difficult to achieve in the office.” The manager of the recently hired into the Mat Mullen said.

but it’s not on behalf of Henderson is inaccessible. On Halloween, unite the whole company like him with thick glasses, put on a shiny madras shirts, shorts and sandals. Rarely communicate just because of the quiet atmosphere in the office, and Slack internal software facilities facilities, hinder the chatter of people.

this fascinating like the devil that equipment is what? The engineering manager Nolan Caudill is trying to look at it.

with the habit of everyone knows becomes more and more important, no one knows how to treat the mysterious in the Slack automatic coffee machine in the new kitchen. Can you don’t have to go out to drink coffee, it looks for Slack corporate culture is a challenge. “I haven’t even started trying to.” Rayl said, she said she missed at the beginning that only oneself, Henderson and Archambo three days. At the same time, however, she added that the new form of coffee is very important to establish social contact “”.

Slack let a person than the speed of

want to people from the real life and Slack the profound, throughout the use of close contact, it is difficult to separate in People’s Daily life has cannot leave the Slack.

“in the face of Slack fierce offensive I haven’t ready.” Slack new hire, the director of the policy and laws and regulations, vice President of Anne Toth says, “this kind of feeling is like a body is in the center of a whole new world.”

Anne Toth (standing) dominate the Slack policies and regulations the development of

however, Slack of functions, such as search function, help Toth work in large and small aspects has played a guiding role.

one day she came to the office early and Toth nearly triggered the alarm. Then, she was in the Slack search “alert code”, soon got the desired results, crisis like this. There is a more urgent situation to happen, but almost all the week she didn’t appear in the company, that a Slack the company sign some contents of the internal team. It could have been avoided (is a set of options), but after all, not everyone understand the meaning of those Settings. nullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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