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the development of tourism, tourist become a way of life; Online travel, make travel becomes a variety. Such as “peripheral”, “adventure”, and “parent-child swimming”, or “outbound” out of the borders to time. Different is “a said go go” outbound travel, plus a travelers to deal with visa. Outbound tourism products, are also trying to innovation. New product treasure to the introduction of the Internet thinking traditional visas industry, creating online information pre-trial system, realize one-stop online visa application.

visa treasure, based on O2O provide visa service agents. Founder Mao Haibin in June 2014, founded the Shanghai sign treasure network technology co., LTD., headquartered in Shanghai, Mao Haibin tell hunting cloud network, the current online market is still very vacant visa, visa treasure now is the first domestic online visa services website, they will be in permanent visa free as the breakthrough point, hope to build a one-stop service platform for going abroad.

treasure all visas products category, according to state and country users in global visas are available to Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, the americas (parts of) the visa. Product information includes all countries visa need scheduled time, scope and product price and cost composition, etc. According to user’s visa status matching product details, required data and templates, etc., all products are available online. Visa is can only deal with tourist visa.

to apply for visa is treasure users to upload data, first hearing, according to the official requirements and experience for the user to review whether to conform to the requirements of the consulate, visa treasure pre-trial review by user after payment (visa only treasure embassies and consulates’ behalf), visa treasure to formally apply for a visa for the user at this time. Visa treasure now can also according to customer’s individual needs and personal information to tailor a visa solution, compared with the traditional process can not only improve the visa pass rate, reduce the risk of visa rejection. The visa process can be completed online, all materials can submit online pre-qualification, also save time for the user.

the visa application, visa will treasure user order processing process and processing condition timely feedback to the user, the order details also can check it on the users’ personal center “, such as display status “waiting for payment”, which has passed. User payment success, according to “mail”, users will be investigating the information via Courier to visa, visa treasure will follow the user mail materials, and inform the normal send sign a day. Out after signing for the user to retrieve a visa and return material, to enter the visa results query system. If the visa application is successful, of course, by the country’s visa officer judgment according to the application materials.

visa treasure opened a nonprofit community platform – a visa to go abroad to treasure community, so that the user communication. Users in the community can share the visa and travel story and life experiences, visa, to go abroad, tourism and other discussion. Also can be found in the visa to go abroad to treasure community visa process, template, policy, the wind and travel information.

“team has rich experience, visas commissioner working time in five years or more, call the system at multiple knowledge training, the current annual processing capacity of up to 200000 people, the visa pass rate of 99.99% or more.” Mao Haibin said. Visa have treasure and several currently working on for the company and immigration services to achieve cooperation, to provide visa treasure visa submit qualifications.

in the visa of the toolbox going abroad have jet lag, the embassy information, exchange rate, national or regional meteorological information and the information such as the voltage difference, help users understand the tourism information, provide relevant strategy of outbound tourism. Mao Haibin said, overseas tourist visa in the future will also have a variety of treasure, such as: buying insurance, overseas booking ordering, book a cruise ships, etc.

Mao Haibin tell hunting cloud network, visa treasure has obtained 5 million angel investment, the current visa mobile application is in the making, has been with several overseas tourism, airlines, Banks reached a cooperative partnership. To create a one-stop service platform for going abroad.



company: Shanghai sign treasure network technology co., LTD.


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