Virtual love best application developers: 60 App “seduce” 26 million users

the world has 26 million users in the use of Voltage of the development of company a total of 60 love application class. It has dominated Japan, Singapore mobile virtual love application field for several years. Recently, the United States. In the last September, the Voltage of the company’s application in love almost of apple’s app store in Singapore entertainment application half of the top 20.

Voltage company set up branch in San Francisco since 2012, there has been a slow and steady increase of they accounted for here. As of May 2014, like some American company issued the English version of the virtual love after application, Voltage said they had been turned into one of the three application developers of Google store.

don’t like other virtual love applications, compared with fan, Voltage to pay more attention to the potential users. Those potential users are the might on his mobile phone to install application they want love. Voltage target users are those who own a smartphone and like romantic girl.

in Voltage, all of the innovation and design are around the theme of “love and challenge” company overview wrote, “we love is not only defined the relationship between men and women, including the affection between the family and friendship. At the same time, the “challenge” refers to a person all of the challenges in life.

Voltage is a to belong to a girl romantic love get into the game. Let players are free to choose love object and story development direction, to experience a different from the real life of fresh stimulus of love.

Basic usage below

1. Open the application, click on the “Read a story”

2. Choose your favorite love object

3. Start the game, to make a choice to approach the love object, increase intimacy.

4. There are two kinds of story will end, your choice determines your end.

5. In the story, after the completion of the game will not delete files, and each month there will be new romantic chapter continue to push.

in this year’s Tokyo game show, Voltage booth is an all to see close to the true romantic wonderland. Dressed as characters of attractive models offer visitors experience the romantic heart rate of the application of the chance of feeling and exciting scene, such as “pressure wall” posture leaning against the wall.

“pressure wall (Kabe – don)” by the cartoons became popular, and then gradually spread to the mainstream media and girls, this is a kind of like aggressively to press the heroine to a comparison against the wall. Hundreds of thousands of visitors (reported that there are some male visitors) lined up to want to go to the Voltage booth experience this action. They this reaction is Voltage company a symbol of hope for 26 million user experience, such as these women smile from ear to ear eyes is full of shock.

“a lot of normal users, in the real world and others want to be in such a separated from reality of the virtual application love to experience the feeling of exciting and a little embarrassed. And that is exactly what their husband or boyfriend can’t satisfy.”

American love

but in they seem to have mastered how to pass this kind of stimulation to Japanese users, Voltage is still in the test how to meet the needs of western women. For example, in this past summer, Voltage company conducted a survey of exprience, and objects from 19 to 44, Japan and the United States women. Investigation shows that the result is like a comedy, the hope for fresh stimulus romance is generally common, but also between the two there is something important and interesting cultural differences.

one is about the “knight in shining armor” fantasy quite active in the investigation of the United States, 37% of respondents said that more old-fashioned romantic fantasy there has always been, and in this regard, nearly half of Japanese women will have such fantasies. Japanese women, on the other hand, said to have secret boyfriend didn’t tell them, they feel it doesn’t matter. But, according to my men there from the United States confirmed that American women in the wrong too strictly “no words don’t talk about” between couples.

I asked those women who work in San Francisco branch Voltage, about them in the development of new users, encounter cultural differences and similarities. After the requested anonymity, they would be happy to allow me to share their ideas.

from the story, the investigation and the Voltage employees to show the American women prefer those with action-oriented contests of any sort of adventure and mystery love story. A respondents said, “Japan’s user experience with the attitude of a heroine our story, but our American users like to stand in the perspective of a third party, in an objective point of view like to see any other novel about our characters and the plot.”

when we compare the several everybody’s favorite actor, Voltage according to the “Oresama” (proud) and “Tsundere” (high cold type) of character image is more popular in Japan. While the American women are more inclined to chasing the robust, careful and know how to love a girl, at the same time, more passionate lover.

“I am a girl”

“in Japan and the United States is an interesting cultural differences between the user, the American women prefer the robust men figure” a respondents said. Another admittedly, she felt “Japanese women prefer to be protected by the leadership, the American women prefer with their lovers have an equal status.” In the Voltage is created for the user story, there is a through the data of different observation, “American users prefer mature sexy stories, they for the pure love is not a cold”

than the more common ideas, like “wall pressure” action according to the survey, or a man “forced my face with her hands turned to his” are very aggressive behavior. Japanese women prefer the other half by more gentle way to communicate their own love, such as “pat his head.” Incredibly, everyone agreed that the men in the social media release often “chicken soup” is very uncomfortable. So, my friends, don’t release that spun in your social media, it’s very boring.

Voltage girls seem to press “wall” that action is exciting or disgusting, don’t agree. “I think everyone liked it, that’s interesting!” A respondents, when she see this everywhere, very common analogy. Another person retorts that “maybe the American women are more like the aggressive action, but I think it is not as popular here.”

the third point is “you more is seen in the Japanese media pressure wall this action”, and it proves that still have a similar style and American audiences. Because “the scene is like many in the TV drama, when a football player like a girl, he will usually do this action. Will happen but it’s not like really, but I’m not sure if it really happened to me, I will do, but what is certain is that this is really interesting and very romantic, even want to accept it looks a bit embarrassed.”

“Voltage of the most obvious cultural differences between Japan and the United States users, prove more natural or on aesthetic. “Japanese women prefer like anime in men with long and thin face. But it also has a lot of western women and women in other countries through the anime and interested in Japanese culture, some of them also like this comic style “a respondents said. But she admits, “at the same time, many westerners think the Japanese anime looks too childish, more like the kind of comic realism” it is also very good explains why publishes Voltage on the game.

this cultural generation gap sounds like when develop the market of the biggest obstacles. Collected in a group of twenty years old and American girl’s point of view, after an interviewer said, “by talking to their (even those like anime) found that American girls now no longer as before too much attention in the anime romance or mature drama. But over the years in American film and television, animation is very common. I think a realistic artistic style also can attract people like anime style “. Other answer reflects the view that, most people say the anime may not so common in the United States, is an emerging interest hobby.

however, the last to consider the cultural differences really interesting, from the survey and the Voltage of the staff of reflection, we can conclude that love is love, it is not too big relations with culture. In the United States and Japanese women how to treat love this issue, the similarity was able to beat the difference.

because, popular point said, is very interesting to fall in love with a man of passion. Simple point again, I don’t care about you is to look at the comic book or go to a “rogue”, if an attractive boy to push you to the wall, talking about sweet words in your ear, you may feel back to the deep inside that we all had a good high school.

in the end, you can go through to get to know their current and upcoming on the game. Every game around the same free mode, including free download the introduction part. But if you want to start a love journey, you need to pay $3.99 for each story.


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