Video industry to integrate the sohu officially announced the acquisition of 56 nets

on October 31, hunting cloud network news

the latest messages are received: sohu has internal mail, said it had agreed with all company, to everyone’s com into sohu video sector. At the same time, com internal also released the related email. Said the sohu video management team will soon be in 56.

news network CEO skillful 56 future will leave, but will stay for a period of time delivery. According to industry insiders speculated that the deal price may be higher than before coming from $12.9 million.

since this year, 56 net has been seeking to prostitution, and the Internet, the video industry company has been in contact, including mango TV.

com founded in April 2005, the main UGC video sharing, similar to the soil, the copyright video competition white-hot stage still adhere to the UGC and the strategy of PGC. In October 2011, everyone company wholly-owned acquisitions com for $80 million. After that, the 56 network performance is declining, and no apparent breakthrough in development.

56 in sohu acquisitions, the industry pointed out that the current sohu video development is good, does not need to be injected into other resources, the acquisition of 56 to 56, “my show” show business.


not at present the business, but the market is growing, the profit objective. Flow of platform and because everyone is limited, to show that need a lot of resources to promote the products, if the lack of power against their own survival, in the most sold during the period of integration is the best way.


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