Vice President of millet asked rice noodles, do you want to what kind of smart watches?

the world by storm in the smartphone era, many manufacturers began to extend to other equipment. Including the prospect of the wearable device is the best. As the domestic well-known Internet companies millet technology, apparently won’t give up such a good market. Millet have introduced intelligent hand ring, millet for smart shoes also had earlier outlook and imagination, and of course also had spread millet to launch a smart watch.

millet vice President Hugo Barra, is mainly responsible for millet international business development. Recently, he issued a video on Facebook, asked “rice” with an intelligent watch should have what function, they are looking for smart watches.

to be clear, millet is not announced plans to launch a smart watch. Barra said in the video: “millet will go on sale in the next few months to decide whether the smart watch; But in the near future, there is no launched smart watches determine plan.”

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