Venture into 3.0: threshold reduce everyone can be gold

in the middle of August, 2014, A group called “young prince dish O2O semi-finished major sales program the plum blossom Wu Shichun founding partners and jiuhe Wang Xiao joint venture founding partners to provide the level of tens of millions of the Pre – A round of investment, before youth food jun started less than A year.

before startup, young gentleman three founders have a stable and low income job, but they are willing to walk out of the comfort zone, choose to face the risk of entrepreneurship.

choose the same entrepreneurial and Lin deep, he is a foreigner in China is dedicated to provide you with travel activity, q&a, rivals with Let’s China website and work hard. Unlike Ren Mu, Lin deep after graduation from the school was plunged into the tide of entrepreneurship.

on September 3, young prince and Let ‘s China came in 2014 with the innovation of Chinese finals (Demo China) of the scene.

Demo China organizers startup state chairman, founding partner of IDG capital chief Hugo shong (weibo) revealed that this year more than two thousand entries, is twice last year, will eventually get innovation star only 12, really only one. This is innovation China for eight years since one of the biggest, and lively Demo China is only a small microcosm of the China’s Internet business boom.

“distinguished school entrepreneurship has become obvious.” On September 4, in the innovation of Chinese overseas special theme dialogue link, Warwick international group (CID) partner lisa lo said, “for the Chinese entrepreneurs, now is the best time.”

if the 2005 web startups hot called entrepreneurship 1.0, heat group-buying startup called a 2.0 era in 2010, so more young entrepreneurs, more broad space for business, the more active the vc is jointly produce 3.0 era of web startups.

was born in 93 in the CEO WenCheng fai said now is a gift, to start a business, he chose to suspend their studies. Although only 21 years old, but is already present said his second business.

in the 3.0 version of start-ups, more and more entrepreneurs like WenCheng fai, a new generation of entrepreneurs more young, grassroots, it also means they have less work experience and social resources, but now, young itself has become a highlight of attracting capital.

more common entrepreneurial 3.0

compared with the former generation, entrepreneurial 3.0 are quite different.

in 2005, under the catalysis of the concept of Web2.0, campus, watercress, and lily, 9158, 51 games and other forms of social networking, and 56, potatoes, PPTV, PPS, such as video website has launched.
In spite of 2005 years of entrepreneurial atmosphere is very thick, but entrepreneurship and ordinary there is still a distance in the world. Compared with today’s entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial 1.0 entrepreneurs has big companies would be more, such as the founder of douban Yang Bo (weibo), tudou founder wang (weibo), etc., in addition to the accumulation of a certain social resources, large companies experience as more opened up their world, let them have the ability to have idea to drive their own business.

five years later, the emergence of the group-buying opens the entrepreneurial 2.0 times, but didn’t take long for group-buying business hot, under the fierce market competition, the surviving sites are numbered. From the results, strong financial strength more sites are more likely to survive the winter. Pay attention to capital competition era of entrepreneurship 2.0 is not ordinary people can afford to games to play.

but the pioneering 3.0 let really goes into the masses, behind this trend is changing Internet venture atmosphere.

the first is more entrepreneurial opportunities. Growing mobile Internet and health care, finance, food and other new sparkles between traditional industries for entrepreneurs to provide a more fertile soil. For entrepreneurs, now the Internet world wide.

second, the investment environment is changing. On the one hand, the Internet venture capital industry is active with a growing number of angel investors, venture capital in China is becoming more and more active, entrepreneurs are more likely to get financial support. Internet giant, on the other hand, investment in mergers and acquisitions, has aggravated the degree of competition in the Internet investment, but on the other hand also provides the new exit channel, improve the return on investment can be deterministic, and thus enhanced the enthusiasm of the investment institutions.

at the same time, because the mobile application model is lighter and cloud services, business costs down, millions or even hundreds of thousands of start-up capital for entrepreneurs in the virtual world can build its own some dream, a startup is reduced greatly.
And, more importantly, the Internet has been off the edge, become an important part of national economy, more and more people have the concept of the Internet to the nuggets. These factors work together, and let more people to participate in the Internet startup of 3.0 times.

boom can last long?

in the Internet venture lively at the same time, whether a person have the concerns of the bubble. To this, most investors are optimistic.

500 starups incubator company China partner at farce that domestic early investment is now a bit overheated, but the flow of investors and entrepreneurs, won’t make a domain appears out of control. She, for example, to participate in some project roadshow in silicon valley, some domestic investors see good projects invested directly, because domestic projects is too expensive, so the free flow of capital decide the dotcom bubble will not last long.

private equity fund management company huawei international group (CID) partner lisa lo argues that before after the bubble become fertilizer, soil turns the next wave of fast growth, according to past experience, and even the bubbles, the greater the success of the company will be faster to market.

in the mobile Internet connection and to collide with the traditional industry, mobile Internet life habit is to develop big trend, the majority of investors believe that the 3.0 version of the Internet start-up boom for at least three to five years, more investors think or will continue for the next ten years.

Li Muqing CDH venture investment partners to return on investment are very optimistic, “investment may fluctuate over the next two years, but we really believe that these investments will be in five years to bring us very good return. Believe after ten years will bring us very astonishing returns.”

is longer than the age of the Internet also confident young entrepreneurs. 19, Let ‘s China co-founder Shi Min he said, “we are willing to use the next five years or 10 years in this market, bet on the next future.”
Compared with entrepreneurial passion, investors more rational judgment, but also optimistic. Li Muqing said, “after ten years, with the iPhone, the common growth is college, and by that time the mobile Internet should appear more possibilities, far beyond our imagination.”

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