Vc bubble warning: based on today’s situation similar on the eve of the crisis outbreak in 1999

in the past two days, there have been two well-known venture capitalists warned, as the Internet bubble startup, the startup is also uncomfortably fast burning money. The two well-known venture capital and respectively.

startup money too fast is one of the reasons, the market investors to venture into cash at a speed of almost reached the highest level. Data show that in the second quarter of this year, aimed at the seed stage, early stage and expansion phase of startup investment venture capital investment grew by 55% month-on-month, its highest level since the fourth quarter of 1999, when the Internet bubble has already started to form.

in the fourth quarter of 1999, and the startup of the venture capital investment rose by 66%, compared with the fourth quarter of the year before, surged 298%.

with the different is that the venture capital investment in the second quarter of this year is mainly oriented in the expansion stage of start-up, and 1999 is for all three stages of start-up venture capital investment are inclusive growth.

is shown in the following chart for expansion stage of startup investment growth trend:

in the other two stage startup venture investment has also grown, but growth in 1999, as shown in the figure below:

in addition, two car rental company may also be to promote venture capital investment is the main source of the aggressive growth in the second quarter: Uber raised $1.4 billion in June, Lyft also raised $250 million in April. (snow)

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