Vascular trap, let you pain from “repeatedly been pills”

to donate the most worrying is tied down to a needle panic, if there is no alignment with blood vessels, then you can face to be the fate of the needles over and over again. Scientists have recently discovered a magic way, can find the position of the intravenous before acupuncture needles and you repeatedly been needle of bad luck.

now are using the Australian Red Cross containing near-infrared light equipment to locate for people to donate blood vessels. In addition, the Australian Red Cross in the study – if donors know they don’t need to face the fate of many pills, whether this will reduce their anxiety because of blood donation, and let more donors “next continue to” the Red Cross.

the blood center, said in an interview are adopted two different Australian companies to provide equipment, and will to between the ages of 18 to 30, 300 for the first time donating blood donors and 600 donors were tested again and again. The center said if the equipment can help young donors, alleviate intense sentiment, the Australian Red Cross will have been using this technology.

actually, pointing to the value of the technology is not only to blood donors, for those elderly blood vessels is not very good for older patients, this technology can also reduce their pain when infusion, blood.

this vein visual equipment is with near infrared emission devices to illuminate the skin, make the deaeration hemoglobin in the blood vessels can absorb infrared light, when the deaeration hemoglobin absorb infrared light, of the body’s blood vessels will appear green.

note! As long as you don’t stare at the device directly, so the near infrared emission device won’t cause any harm to you. In addition, the device can be adjusted according to individual differences.


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