Valuation of $150 million after the splash of financing in doing?

in 2010, shen bo included two founders in a small team with several startups gathered large office created “the dream silk” the splash, I once had a initial employees before induction was fierce to spray the first generation product, but the splash now has developed into a valuation of more than $150 million, with 20 million registered users of mobile Internet sports health company. Following deep vc and citic capital during the first half of 60 million yuan, after A round of splash recently won A SIG and softbank China $30 million B round of funding.

so the question comes, plump take more more more money, the company in a plate of chess? Last month, plump, founder and CEO shen bo just in hunting cloud network host did share the journal entrepreneurship courses, today, hunting cloud network dialogue again shen bo, hope to know more about the potential business company.

plump known cognitive because plump hand ring and splash APP, splash from 2010 began to develop wearable hardware products and cloud services platform. As an engineer geek CEO shen bo in technology and products and its “paranoid” and “persistence”, from the second half of 2011 started to develop plump hand ring, from the design circuit boards, coding algorithm, independent design bracelet features, research splash the team to complete all the production process, because does not have its own factory, can only use the third party factory OEM production, because the match problem make plump hand ring also jump ticket.

“jump ticket must not over, I would like to, but also have no way to things, however, it is accumulated in the supply chain to us the lesson.” Shen bo said. Despite the user has to plump hand gb 30 expressed dissatisfaction, plus the chaser has behind the big team, but when the plump hand ring officially listed, because at the beginning of “paranoid”, to strictly control the quality, plump hand ring spread by word of mouth, it has been a very good result.

the plump plump hand ring achievement, let the plump known as, but plump hand ring is no longer a shen bo consider strategic focus, it have what think?

in the entrepreneurial process, shen bo found for a startup, will power on intelligent hardware of the whole industry is actually made do not focus on problems, and the hardware and software is a kind of separation industry trends. Startups can’t copy the millet that miracle, the intelligent hardware industry chain, including hardware and software, is very long, is also very wide range of aspects, startup is hard to cover.

to realize this, since the second half of 2013, has determined to splash on two legs, one is to the development of sports social products, one is the development of wearable data services platform.

say first on one leg, do splash APP, shen bo strategic path is very clear, the start to take the old users “operation”, set out to develop independent sports social APP a mobile phone and as data demonstration center of bracelet, after repeated iterative versions of the software, from the interface, function, to improve user experience, such as different angles.

so plump exactly is a what kind of application? It not only can record data movement, also provides sports social platform App. Splash in App side big moves continuously, releasing the function of the several main social elements, such as “encounter”, “sports circle”, pour to make sports social atmosphere.

“continued to build a movement” of the idea, at the same time create “to movement, with a loud splash” new social concept.” Shen bo said, “splash will constantly iteration, let the splash user feel splash is a hobby to find the common movement, and based on the hobby can gain more pleasure and value-added platform”. This is plump APP, and the splash of movement finally to achieve the purpose of social.

hunting cloud network editor jun also often see from splash in the circle of friends to share. Orson “splash in Beijing, the famous bund of Shanghai, guangzhou tianhe, can hear loud splash that” recent one kilometer takes XXX “voice, splash green interface can be seen. Pick up the phone through WeChat circle of friends, weibo, often can see the trajectory figure, that is public splash around. It is also a plump 20 million registered users at all.” Shen bo said.

in terms of the other leg, say that you also think splash is a intelligent hardware company now? You OUT! In the field of intelligent hardware, shen bo has its own calculations.

“in the field of intelligent hardware, splash out consumer no longer new hardware brand, and through the source hardware scheme of splash, splash ROM (including splash movement algorithm) and splash APP and third-party hardware companies cooperation, provide them with solutions and data services, to create their own big data platform. So splash is now already understand the software of intelligent hardware Internet company.” Shen bo said.

“source hardware solution provider”, splash this strategy to get rid of the domestic hardware vendors are usually the stereotype of the “national”, instead, make it become the first domestic mainstream open source platform. Through open source, plump released its technology accumulation, but get a lot of valuable user data by a third party. Open platform, on the other hand, can also continuously to splash APP conveying new users, to feedback.

two legs parallel, “to build a hundreds of millions of users to participate in sports exercise social platform, promote the rapid development of the national fitness cause” this is the goal of the splash, shen bo convective cloud network said.

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