?? Using a mobile phone hiring high handsome servants, enjoy the benefits of the queen!

a height of 1.89 m young man to meet me, bow to greet to me, and I sat down, he has golden hair, decent suit with a tie, elegant, with a gentleman demeanor. “Hello, I’m Fabio, I will be your man this afternoon.” His voice soft and charming, as if with a hypnotic spell, when I come, I have to sit down, I hand a shake, sunglasses thud fell to the ground. Immediately bent down to pick up the glasses, he took out for me to start a small fan fan, I just feel this is too hot in the afternoon. “Can I have some water?” I’m a little overwhelmed, half-day tried to speak. “As you wish.” His smile answer.

I was sitting in The San Francisco Grove terrace of The hotel, The service identification, The application of a called ManServants and I together are two young ladies — Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khajah – ManServants founder. ManServants, as the name implies, is the application of a valet service, this new application allows you to hire young handsome man, for your service (normal service, don’t want to! . When we chat, Fabio on the one side, and he’s been tenderly as we walked with an umbrella, the sunlight of summer.

this scene soon attracted the attention of a man at the next table, “can I take the liberty to ask, what is this situation?” He pointed at the Fabio and asked us: “this really is a man?” Giggling answer is two women. The gentleman interest can ask Fabio service. They said can, of course, $125/hour. As long as it is a reasonable request, the groom will try their best to do for the guest. The gentleman smiled and wrote down the name of the company, then the way to ask.

do to develop this app, or Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khajah at AKQA from time to time. Khajah told us: “we jokingly give employers hired some men as private bodyguard, is one of the male stripper, but we told him, saying, take off your clothes if anything, we just want to he pretended bodyguards, help employers avoid the paparazzi.” Here Khajah laughed: “he was quite puzzled.” Employs several bodyguards, they start to friends’ parties hire some young handsome young man, it is very popular. Then they realized that this is a way. So ManServants was born.

of course, not all men can be, ManServants pretty appearance association, less than 6 feet (1.83 meters) need not to apply, yan insufficient, is certainly not be considered. By the way, you can give your man named, before meeting with them, they told me this, I silly chose the name Fabio, if let me choose now, I should call him Ryan Gosling (Ryan Gosling), he has so few minutes with the Oscar winner was similar. This method of naming in ManServants customers is very popular.

the footmen can provide many services, such as playing serenade, modify nails, taking pictures for the guests and friends, and the ladies came flying pigeon, champagne wine service, or as the bodyguard to pretend the paparazzi. Wai Lin said, some women also wants the footman, again and again to propose play a scene in public. In many pink fantasy this aspect to the opposite sex, women are definitely not lose than men. She also said that some men also will hire man, with a gay couple wedding, hired an army man deck scenes.

ManServants in July, released a pretty funny propaganda video, the video quickly fire up, for the launch of the application is made.

PM on the video, a British chamber of female voice ring out: “in the beginning, only strippers for recreation, the male point of view this is a good pastime, but for women… Whose sexual fantasy is this?” Picture, such as one of the girls in my birthday, my friends called a male stripper for her, she wants to feel happy, the doorbell rang, and in the man take off your clothes while dancing, scantily clad, soon put her down on the chair, on her face twisted waist and buttock. This action in female looks dirty, the girl is more and more embarrassing, finally seemed to cry. Friends are input at the beginning, look at smile not to come out like this also. Then, the scene started to introduce ManServant valet services – women’s ultimate fantasy for members of the opposite sex.

these services looks quite exaggerated, just released when everyone thought it was a joke. Until one of my friend’s brother told me that he drafted on the advertising site Craigslist ManServant man, about to enter the trial, I realized that this application is true.

“isn’t that men as a plaything?” More ironically I am asked this question before Fabio, when he does not exist, and Fabio no response to this, just for our fan with the wind. Wai Lin explained: “boon… Now there are a lot of services, is the woman as a plaything, like a stripper, there are those who hire maid, let them go topless for service. These provide the service for men everywhere, but no one really consider women’s demand for the opposite sex, also turn women enjoy enjoy now.”

, she added, male stripper and strippers nature is not exactly the same, more cases, male stripper joking ingredient in the majority. And as far as she concerned, she doesn’t think women want a man to her face show genitals, like in the video. They just want to be to be pampered. But both co-founder key to clarify a little, lest you misunderstand the nature of the app, the app is not related to sexual services. Khajah pointed out: “the man who is not used to conquer the rule, between them and the girls more admiration and respect, man are not slaves, they are just serve their queen.”

but should really someone will think slanting? I further ask them, the man had been employed in sex? Khajah very sure motioning with his hand: “absolutely not, these man accepted the professional training from the start, know how to deal with an aggressive, malicious customers. For example if a guest said: ‘I wanna bang you (I want to have sex you)’, man will come up with a toy gun, and then say “bang, bang.” Pure plays dumb, gu.

at the same time, the guests will have a proprietary name of footmen, meaning that is to say, man’s real name is not provided to the guest. I try to ask Fabio his job, he is preparing to speak, is interrupted by Khajah: “dear, he can’t answer you this problem. She shook her head and said: “work is work, must be separated and emotion. This is a kind of protection for the footman, women are sometimes not too rational, too obsessed with them.”

Khajah: “once had such examples, we all know the girl, her name is Karen. She didn’t understand that just meet her fantasy of a service, the truth behind the illusion, a lot of the time is not so good.” All footmen can not alone with the guest, service time also can’t more than 6 hours, all of these are, in order to avoid the guests into the footman of an obsession. The man who can accept certain etiquette training, we will how to please guests to give some advice.

now founders are busy expanding their scope of business, they are not content with merely in the San Francisco area development. They also want in seed round, launch applications on iOS, similar to a mobile dating sites like Tinder. Soon, as long as the operating mobile phone, you can make an appointment to look at your man. At present there are 12 ManServant footmen, more is looking for.

after the conversation ended, Fabio serve me to leave, he praised me when parting golden toenails, that is I just do, I’m not sure he really noticed that my new nail, I am still not sure, it was a sincere praise, or just part of the job.

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