Using a mobile phone beer, Brewbot and its unique “package” of beer business

hunting cloud network reported on September 26,

want to brew beer will not be easy. First of all, want to brew a tasty beer is already very difficult, let alone want to slowly after more than one batch of the beer is used for tasting. Make beer as simple as baking cookies is almost impossible thing, because the process of wine is extremely complex, fermentation, the right location and temperature as well as involved in the instrument is not readily available.

however, as the Brewbot launch, it all seems to have a hope. Brewbot brewing beer is a available for individual machines. Not only that, but it also keeps track of the use of raw materials. It saves a lot of unnecessary multifarious factors in the process, so know nothing about beer can also use it. Are you through your mobile phone to control the whole process, not the machine itself. When your wine brewing success or lack of raw materials, it will push notification to remind you of the above by mobile phones, all-the-way tracking your brewing process. Is the most cool, it can also print on the label on the bottle?

Brewbot founder Chris McClelland said: “now everyone can brew.” He also said that although the Brewbot will undoubtedly make the process easier, but in the “sharing the secret formula for beer brewing, etc” in accordance with legal procedures, before the Brewbot wouldn’t be forced to share, unruliness. “What we need is a network. Beer is the Shared the taste, everybody drink is really good. But that means to make all of manufacturers work together or unite.”

in order to achieve this goal, Brewbot introduced a brewing Beer can collect recipes of high-tech, and call it “Beer DNA card”. These CARDS can accurately tell you what are you drinking beer, including its alcohol content and the basic production process. They want to eventually can realize these CARDS to share, hope as long as people have Brewbot later will be able to download the beer production process and material aspects of the information needed.

, for example. Such as the Russian River, a micro Beer manufacturers based in Pennsylvania, is the production of beverages in the past, it has been involved in using the card Beer DNA, to participate in is a IPA wine.

since last week McClelland in satellites to investors on Austin Brewbot was introduced, it all takes place. Introduced is over, all the people all went to the present beer samples. There was a man said he was not actually like IPA wine, but the day of the very fresh and delicious, can not help but want to drink. Others are similar.

Beer DNA will be able to let you drink to town or small cities all over the world all kinds of small wine microbrews. I think this is too good. Once a small cafe near Atlanta had a very nice but I forget the name of the wine, I always thought that I can’t find it anymore, never again to taste the delicious. But with the Beer DNA, I seem to have renewed hope.

most interesting is that you don’t be restricted by the laws and regulations about alcohol, also need not out of the freight. You need to do is put the wine shows sent to the Brewbot and look forward to.

his winemaking resistance is a very big cost is too high, especially in buying a Brewbot need $2800. McClelland, explained that the machines are all handmade, actually the price is already low. There are many people initially suggest Brewbot make a higher price, but McClelland refused.

but have to admit that every one is doing business to make money. Since machine price is low, quickly and find another way. I was thinking of all the wine recipe should be encrypted, or businesses can get nervous is broken because of the commercial secrets. But quickly denied that! He said Beer DNA is an open resource, and will always be so.

he said the company also carefully considered this problem, but eventually decided to DNA must be open. We don’t want to be a Keurig, beer will never be content encryption digital copyright protection technology (DRM). Keurig is a coffee maker, for the past method of making coffee by rivals to imitate the eventually developed a formula is not easy to imitate.

Brewbot was completely don’t mind share Beer DNA. Because how to say, the Internet’s strong believe that everyone knows. If you really want to get a beer recipes, no matter use what method, you can always get.

the key issues. In that case, Brewbot exactly how to make money? First of all, the Brewbot beer brewed will sell you some raw materials. The material selection of wine brewing with various, corn, malt, hops, clarifying agent, etc., I think you still need Brewbot to guide you.

from the customer point of view, this means that the Brewbot sell to you is a “package” of beer. You can pick your favorite one wine Brewbot will recipes and raw material packaged together sent to you. In this way, you will not have to place the order directly to buy the finished beer, then on tenterhooks all day worry about delivery of the beer bottle is broken on the road, also don’t have to pay the freight on that expensive. By the way, there are laws and regulations. Because of the limitation of some laws and regulations, you can’t remote buy some wine.

all in all, however, all in all, everyone to the Brewbot full of expectations, so the Brewbot also have enough time to slowly to find the most suitable business model. Last year it was staged successful Kickstarter campaign, also received a lot of them made the order of the machine.

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