Users complained that a new generation of iPhone face is too big, put in my pocket was bent

(/horse relief yi wen)

recently, some users complained in the BBS foreign science and technology media, 6 Plus the iPhone screen is too big, so that they inadvertently pressed on pocket iPhone 6 Plus screen is bent.

although the Revelations, there are few this problem of users, but the number seems to be slow.

“yesterday, I drove to attend a friend’s wedding. My iPhone 6 Plus nearly 18 hours in his pocket. I was sitting, most of the time when I took out the apple, to discover the application icon on the screen is distorted. After carefully check, I found that it was my iPhone 6 Plus screen drum up slightly.”

the iPhone screen down is nothing new, and not the larger screen is easier to bend. Previously, the iPhone 5 s has bent by a number of users on a pocket precedent. Analysts pointed out that the reason will appear this phenomenon, because the iPhone at the same time of bigger, its thickness is becoming more and more thin. Which seems to be caused by a new generation of the iPhone screens are easy to be the main cause of bending.

often go to apple store users, may hear clerk will always remind you “don’t put the iPhone in the pocket” the warning. Apple’s explanation is that they worry about user inadvertently lost iPhone. Now, apple do have a good reason: “big face cat” iPhone is likely to be your thighs to squeeze out of shape.

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