User service rather than data: WeatherSphere unconquerable weather the secret of their application

WeatherSphere by eBay former engineer Raghav Gupta, founded in 2012, a small start-up enterprise located in mountain view. The company specifically focused on development in the field of weather mobile App.

WeatherSphere has ranked first in iOS operation platform, and pay the weather application, it is also the top 10 paid weather class three in application developer. The three weather also ranked the weather application always the top 20. In the App Store (WeatherSphere company has six Weather application, and in which the Hi – DefRadar (pay the Weather application ranked first, $1.99), RadarCast (sixth, $2.99), the Weather Alerts (ranked 10th, $3.99) these three widely welcomed by users.) Today, WeatherSphere has been E.W. Scripps Co. Acquisition. After completion of the acquisition, WeatherSphere had launched a series of application and can continue to release in the market, and its three weather application will and Scripps existing class pay weather applications StormShield supplement each other, harmonious coexistence.

the content of the acquisition agreement has not been announced. After the acquisition, WeatherSphere users has reached 3 million.

WeatherSphere’s founder, is also the company’s chief executive Raghav Gupta said in an interview: “I will continue to lead WeatherSphere r&d. In fact, I was in mountain view to form a six development team, committed to continue to expand WeatherSphere brand effect and development of new applications.”

has a series of television, print, digital media brand Scripps to WeatherSphere’s success is very interested in, because the Scripps company deeply realize that today’s customers have no longer need to turn on the TV to see the weather forecast, they need to do is to open the application can get the weather. In addition, even in the case of an emergency, the user can also use these weather application rapidly gaining the weather.

in the face of bad weather and storm, WeatherSphere can be sent to the user’s emergency phone and give warning. As a user platform, WeatherSphere experienced in dealing with emergency. In fact, as early as in 2011 Gupta want to do something in the field of weather, because it was just in Joplin Missouri area just happened a very severe storm, it also inspired him to develop the weather application class.

at the time, Gupta, has been committed to research and development of near an app can warn the user will have bad weather conditions. And then all of a sudden the application has been widely popular, downloads to soar. Gupta said user application of pursuit is to provide a tornado specific location of the real time information.

this app downloads suddenly soared, even have the server appeared the phenomenon of overload, Gupta, must therefore to increase the application of price to $4.99 to prevent mass users to download to ensure the normal operation of the server. Gupta said: “I find that after a careful study, also in silicon valley no one from a technical perspective on the development of weather forecast application.” That is why Gupta started in weather forecast.

after a few years, the company developed a series of weather applications, including the Hi – Def Radar, RadarCast, LightningCast, Snow Forecast, but also for outdoor sports) (such as hunting, fishing, ocean sports enthusiasts monitoring weather the Tides of application and so on. The application can not only provide you with real time information about weather conditions, can also be used to solve some practical concerns, say “TurnCast” function on RadarCast application will fully consider may affect user schedule of the storm’s path, so as to provide users with more safe driving direction, this avoids users because of the snowstorm weather factors and stuck on the highway.

we have to pay for most of the application. As the beginning point out, these applications have been paid App Store application class list and even total list occupies a very high ranking. Gupta last year also said he had turned down a number of vc firms financial support, because WeatherSphere has achieved a profit target. It felt great curiously: “why this year Gupta finally decided to sell WeatherSphere?”

Gupta said: “the main reason for selling WeatherSphere because Scripps company will invest more funds, to help the team in mountain view, continue to develop at the heart of silicon valley area weather application class. In addition, as a media company, Scripps company will also be able to improve in a short time WeatherSphere market share and popularity, thereby expanding WeatherSphere brand effect.”


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