Used a can let you from “birth death” toothbrush

You can unscrew the bottom of the handle, remove you place small items, such as money, you like toothpicks, aspirin, matches, and so on. If you need to take medicine every day in the morning, or you want to roll paper money, it’s not a bad idea, you will always need, right?

the company’s design is open to users, so in theory you can follow the design belongs to own the toothbrush handle or attachments. Do you want a gratified toothbrushes, dental floss or laser pen? Can do for you. It was in 2014, why nobody wants through intelligent mobile equipment link to access your own household items? You can through the engineering data tracking options, as well as with acceleration sensors and microcontrollers toothbrush to analyze you possibly even your child’s habit of brushing your teeth, of course, to join the service life of electronic devices may lower your toothbrush. This assumption is not impossible. After all, from now on in the future several decades, we may has transcended the accelerator and mobile applications, get some new things, such as mind control?

such a toothbrush, which costs $69, is a bit expensive, even if you can take it to the grave, but this is just an attachment in the use of brush a head. In years subscription product, every month he will be equipped with a new attachment, and an additional $79. But that environmental protection is rarely cheap, isn’t it!

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