USB Type – c is coming, so big things should be ignored

hunting cloud network November 26 (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

recently released Nokia N1, let everybody once excited for Nokia’s return to the consumer electronics market, but also seriously neglected the Nokia N1 tablet two major change – 64 Intel CPU, the first to use the USB Type – c interface. On the Intel 64 CPU, hunting cloud network has made a detailed analysis, we can walk. Hunting cloud network today to tell you about the USB Type – the meaning of c.

USB Type – c, is accompanied by USB3.1 standards of together, is a kind of interface models under USB3.1. As the latest USB specification, USB3.1 this specification launched by Intel and other big companies will speed up to 10 GBPS data transmission, new technology also USES a more efficient data coding system, and provide effective data throughput, fully compatible with existing USB connector and cable down, it is compatible with the existing at the same time start the software protocol stack and equipment, 5 GBPS, USB 2.0 hub and equipment products.

the transmission performance can completely replace the HDMI, VGA, and so on professional display transport interface, easy to drive 1080 p display screen. In other words, use the excuse of future mobile phone can easily drive the computer, TV screens. But no longer need to host.

due to the changes of interface specification and pin definition, part of the change of peripheral natural follow standard. For example, is an organic whole repeatedly with the USB MHL mobile terminal hd audio standard interface. As a standard interface changes surrounding the first affected, MHL this connection video standard interface in portable electronic devices using only a signal cable, via a standard HDMI input interface can be present on the high-definition television.

it using the existing Micro USB interface, whether mobile phones, digital cameras, digital cameras and portable multimedia player, is full of media content can be directly transmitted to the TV and do not damage the effect of the high resolution film. The MHL union issued for MHL Alternate Mode, it is designed to make the positive and negative pins for MHL information transmission.

USB Type – C interface is suitable for the USB 3.1, the maximum bandwidth 10 GBPS, highest support 100 w power, compatible with USB 2.0, size and current USB 2.0 Micro – A/B (that is, our common MicroUSB) are similar, but not as long as the USB 3.0 Micro – B now. Can be said to be powerful, smaller.

the future of the USB device also unified using this interface, laptops and tablets can also do more thin. The USB Type efficient for mobile devices – C can ecological system of the traditional electronic products produce a great subversive action.

without strong need for computer users, based on USB3.1 interface of mobile phone can completely replace the electronic equipment. Its support of 10 gbit/s transmission speed, highest can support 3 a current strong enough to support the current 4 k TV USB decoding 4 k high-definition video.

in the future, we use the interface with the smart phone, notebook connected directly and support the same agreement, it can save operation core, only keep a monitor and keyboard, battery shell can be used. a smartphone can completely meet the needs of us, to drive all of our electronic devices.

due to rival HDMI, VGA, and so on professional TV, computer monitor data transmission speed, foot can replace all these interfaces in the future.

after the future popularization can do very cheap and efficient input and output devices, will enter the market for peripheral provides a wider space for development. to know the mouse and keyboard, touch screen has made two subversion to the human paradigm.

and the future, the cost of the upset because of the emergence of this interface will be greatly reduced.

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