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s only 18 employees

s investors more than 2500

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s the Australian stock exchange conditions wide

in domestic currency market is still in, find out the way of stumbling along the existing currency platform to seek public. Yesterday, the headquarters is located in Melbourne, formed by several Chinese COINS group said it will serve as the currency industry’s first listed company listed in Australia. Beijing commercial daily reporter survey found that 18 employees, the company currently has three core staff name, there are only hedge fund business, after the listing will launch “dig”, etc. For this is not well-known currency trading platform, the domestic industry also differ for the listing of its success.

first COINS pre-ipo

yesterday, COINS group relevant personage to Beijing commercial daily reporter said in a press release, COINS group headquarters is located in Melbourne, Australia, said the company plans to in December 1, listed on the Australian stock exchange, and become the first through the IPO of currency trading company.

according to Sam COINS group President Lee, the currency’s launch date is expected on December 1, 2014. According to the Sydney morning herald reported that COINS group intends to A 20 points per share price to investors to raise $20 million, equivalent to 107 million yuan, the scale of what it was in the a-share listed companies the gem IPO financing scale.

according to the currency group’s official website for the IPO, and currency group on October 22nd to the Australian securities and investment commission (ASIC) to provide the prospectus, and will be listed on October 29, application, IPO is the deadline to November 29. Goes well, will be released on November 30 shareholding specifications, and is scheduled for December 1, released on the Australian stock exchange initial public offering, for the city.

Sam Lee to Beijing business newspaper reporters, perfect regulation system and encouragement is the currency of innovative financial foundation of IPO. “Australia is currently the most support for the currency of the country. Um leah wants to become a leading countries of virtual currency. At the same time, Australia also has a system for currency trading and use and targeted mode of regulation, and as it assets, items, and cash. On August 20, Australia’s tax office issued regulations on its web site. Australia is support the use of the currency.” Sam Lee explains.

Sam Lee said, because the currency industry now lack most is safety, transparency, and legitimacy of the listed can bring the industry security, transparency, and legitimacy, let more people understand the meaning of COINS really exist, and its high-tech content contained within.

&gold company, a senior research fellow at the yuan currency, such as electronic money researchers XiaoLei to Beijing commercial daily reporter, said the currency trading platform listed for the currency itself is not significantly affected, but for the participants of the currency trading platform greatly increased confidence, make the currency more official government approval.

18 employees 1 kind of business

for this is not a lot of people known as the company, its core staff as well as the main business is also the most concern.

it is understood that the current currency group has three core members, including President (CEO) as Sam Lee, he is in Melbourne COINS community sponsors and organizers, Melbourne COINS community is all the world’s third largest currency community. Sam Lee contact COINS have three years time, he also created the first currency hedge funds in the world. The remaining two core members are respectively, chief financial officer (CFO) Allan Guo and chief technology officer (CTO) Jin Chen.

according to the currency group’s official website, they are now only 18 employees, but with more than 2500 investors.

the currently listed companies only a business, the hedge fund business. Sam Lee, hedge funds is through different currency exchanges around the world, using the difference at the same time of buying low and selling high profit for our customers. Because each country’s attitude toward the currency is different, when every country out some good or bad news, the currency of that country will make price reaction, they traded again. In the fourth quarter of last year, the United States and China’s currency spreads at about 20%, for customers to earn a good profit.

the COINS group does not release financial statements, profit is also not clear, they claim that since June last year to bring customers a 704% return.

but there are only hedge funds have not COINS group the best profit model, they also will be listed after the development of the “dig” business and the currency payment system development and promotion.

Sam Lee, in the currency in the group’s business “dig” is the most main business profit space, the business is main source of profit is decoding the currency and selling into other currencies in the free market. The mining machine production in China is more, because of the “dig” is the cost of electricity and heat dissipation, so the weather is cold and electricity cheap place back faster. COINS group said the future of the “dig” business may be based in Iceland, Russia and northeast China and Inner Mongolia in the country.

listed success smoothly according to the

Beijing commercial daily reporter in the interview process, found that for COINS group listed, analysts of all stripes have different point of view.

XiaoLei believes that the possibility of COINS group listed on the Australian stock exchange is bigger, because the Australian stock exchange is a for-profit company, very wide conditions for listing, as long as there is a certain cash flow, there is a clear business framework can be listed. After approved, persuading investors, financing are also likely to be more than expected.

in addition, a currency trading platform, head to Beijing business newspaper reporters that at present the most need for currency trading platform is money, the financial support to seek better development, and for the Australian stock exchange listed company requirement is very simple, so the currency group will choose listed on the Australian stock exchange.

but a well-known domestic currency trading platform of high-level business newspaper reporters to Beijing, is divided into the upper middle and lower reaches of the currency industry: contains the upstream chip production, research and development, the mining machine for mining pool, mine; The middle contains trade, exchange platform; Downstream contains payment, application, financial derivatives, is this a few chain not heard of the COINS in the group’s business is the top, or COINS in the industry, most people do not know this company listed after the raise of the expected capital still exists certain questions.

“if regulators allowed the currency trading platform, but the single currency group business too, the most profitable business now is not, can persuade investors for financing is now a bigger problem”, a currency trading platform insiders to Beijing commercial daily reporter said.

Beijing commercial daily reporter Ma Yuanyue YuePinYu/wen xiao jie/drawing


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