Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the open source system platform, baidu do not help

the Linux foundation recently launched a cooperation project, called “Dronecode” aims to UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) air systems) to build a Shared open source platform.

Dronecode is an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) open source software platform. As a project, it will set up an open source community, for developers to provide needed resources in the field of uav, tools and technical support. It wants to put all the independent development of individuals and development project gathered together, work together, ideas, and to accelerate the process of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) and the development of robotics.

a nonprofit Linux foundation du sale in Europe, the embedded Linux conference announced Dronecode project. Core members of the cooperation project includes 3 d Robotics companies, the company’s extensive use of APM platform, committed to the development of UAV autopilot technology (previously known as “ArduPilot”). Dronecode project absorbing technology from the PX4 project at the same time, the technology by a technological university in Switzerland, the Swiss federal institute of technology, Lorenz Meier is put forward. Most of the APM project USES the Arduino circuit or PX4 Pixhawk project of open source hardware platform.

in addition to the 3 d Robotis company, Dronecode project members also include Intel, qualcomm, baidu and Box. There are seven small businesses is closely related to the UAV.

the statement made no mention of Linux, nor a UAV related Dronecode members interested public project contains the embedded Linux. However, they have adopted the APM technology.

in the past year, 3 d Robotics companies have been busy transplanting APM on Linux. APM today run on the Arduino technology platform, while earlier Nuttx dominated by open source real-time operating system. Presumably, when Dronecode appeared on the market will contain the APM versions of Linux system, but the most important is the current Nuttx version and Arduino version of the system.

in addition to the 3 d Robotics company, the project also includes DroneDeploy unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) oriented company, jDrones, Laser Navigation (VirtualRobotix owner), SkyWard, Squadrone System, Walkera, and companies such as Yuneec.

the Linux foundation shows that more than 1200 developers on Dronecode, by the day more than 150 lines of code to develop some projects. APM, for example, Mission Planner, MAVLink and DroidPlanner, etc. At the same time, in numerous platforms, Dronecode were Skycatch, DroneDeploy, HobbyKing, Horizon Ag, PrecisionHawk, Agribotics and Walkera received by the organization. PrecisionHawk is a few of them have a great deal of the associated with Linux enterprise, its UAV platforms Lancaster, rely on Linux.

based on UAV project also has a lot like the BeagleBone and Raspberry Pi low-end products, mainly for small aircraft enthusiasts. Erle Robot company in the integration of APM and Linux BeagleBone Black platform, developed a set of named BealePilot autopilot products. This seems to have become a transplant APM Linux system’s main test platform.

pointed out in the link above, 3 d Robotics, the CEO of the company, at the same time also is a former editor in chief of wired magazine has showed that the APM ported to Linux a move, not only for UAV developer has provided the reliable network servers, network applications, Python scripts and advanced image processing technology, has attracted a lot of developers to explore the application of cool activities.

Dronecode project details

Linux hackers for quite a long time, and is one of the core is the Samba software inventor of Andrew Tridgell (nickname Tridge), will serve as Dronecode project technical guidance (TSC), chairman of the committee, and won a place on the board of directors. The Linux foundation, Tridgell is now “APM important maintainers in the field of development”.

the Linux foundation’s announcement in the statement, Dronecode project will maintain a neutral governance structure, and to coordinate social about resources and tools for money. Foundation shows that in the governance structure “will allow other companies and developers to participate in the direction of a software”.

the Linux foundation from the Teal aviation market research company report quoted, the project will cause the next ten years worldwide unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) research, development, test and evaluation of activities such as gross to $91 billion. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in the commercial and defense applications, also got more extensive USES. As shown above, LF, expects Dronecode in addition to the application in the business, will also be applied in environmental research, wildlife protection, humanitarian work and search and rescue, etc.

“the Linux foundation because it can strongly support and promote the important open source projects and recognized.” 3 d Robotics, the company’s CEO and founder, Chris Anderson said. “Dronecode project will benefit from this technology, at the same time will bring the important resources for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) technology developers.”

“open source software and the coordinated development is the most popular, the forefront in the field of advanced technology. Dronecode is the perfect example, “the Linux foundation executive director said. “After a cooperation project of the Linux foundation, Dronecode community will obtain the breakthrough time of support in the project. Eventually will achieve a greater innovation, namely a robot drones and public platform of open source projects.”

Source: LinuxGizmos

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