University of singularity in the eyes of the future: double life by robots

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a month ago, the singularity university training institutions in the domestic technology American emerging readers may not how many people have heard of or familiar with. But in nearly a month, many people have felt the intensive information bombing, the reason is that the singularity university public class into China for the first time. Behind, of course, such as the student recruitment and marketing considerations. But what is undeniable is that the singularity university in high-end technology research in the field of power and effective training system, combined with baidu BIG Talk to create, make the open class.

before the introduction of active content, must carry the singularity university basic background. Although is a small unauthorized education institutions, but the singularity university has brought together the world’s most cutting-edge technology researchers, schools do not offer a traditional degree and formal certification, but the tickets than harvard’s easy at all, is requires students to specialize in a particular technology, and must set up the company. Mission is education, encouraging, and professor at the university of singularity of geometric those leaders will increase the technical application of the major challenges in dealing with the human, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, calculation, 3 d printing, wearable devices, nanotechnology, life sciences, space, etc. In the specific form including a week’s seminar (EP), 10 weeks of training camp (GSP), index technology conference (ECS), global influence competition (GIC), etc. In addition, the university also has a incubator, to guide and good project investment.

technology in China is becoming more and more in line with international standards and business community outbreak growth situation, the singularity university of China also began to put more recruiting object. Held in the ancestral temple in Beijing on November 24, the first public class, the singularity university artificial intelligence project director Neil Jacobstein, network and computer program director Brad Templeton, biotechnology and bioinformatics project director Raymond McCauley, they respectively in artificial intelligence, network technology and the biological technology has made the keynote speech, describe and interpret the cutting-edge technology in the field of their own.

index thinking revolution: robots or surpass the human

Neil Jacobstein absolutely was a frontier in the field of artificial intelligence, he is not only a singularity university, head of the graduate program of artificial intelligence, but also dominate the NASA many artificial intelligence programs. And the AAAI (the American association of artificial intelligence, the AAAS (American association for the advancement of science), IEEE (the association of electrical and electronics engineers), a member of the ACM (the association of American computer).

singularity university artificial intelligence project director Neil Jacobstein

in his view, the index of thinking is now all technology and researchers should focus on the part of the the singularity university built emphatically in the training course, this includes not only in artificial intelligence, and also in biotechnology, nanotechnology, medical science, energy, computation, neuroscience, etc.

index is relative linear thinking, it is like a multiple relation of index and the difference. By Moore’s law to confirm the technology revolution, such as the iPhone, Google, Facebook, companies such as Nextflix development speed all embody the index characteristics, the original enterprise form, and continuously produced such a company in the industry, that small companies can compete with the giants. This would have been unthinkable in traditional enterprises, as everybody knows, nokia, kodak and other companies in technological change cases failed to adapt to the market, be reversed quickly.

in this process, how to reflect the influence of technological change? Neil Jacobstein gives a formula:

I=PAT, translated roughly “affect=wealthy population * * technology”.

use a case to explain: in a fixed time, population and affluence is a fixed value, when technicians will exhaust emissions reduced to zero, even if a population of 10 billion fortune at $100000 per capita, influence: $0=10 billion * 10 billion * 0.

, specific to the field of artificial intelligence in Neil Jacobstein view, the industry is experiencing the transformation of the exponential development, from the early deep blue computer beat the chess master, far more high-speed computing power, deep learning and imitation human neurology research, corresponding technology products entered public life. he predicted that by 2030, the communication between each machine will account for more than 50% of data traffic, 2060 years ago, the robot to the recognition degree of the human mind can reach 70%.

in this process, the computing power exponential growth, and the corresponding brain did not change significantly. As a result, the Neil Jacobstein thinks the future of artificial intelligence, machine could surpass the human, and have their own consciousness. although the product can effectively assist humans, save resources, improve efficiency, etc., but have to worry about is that robots of the future is likely to fall into a state of out of control. Singularity university, therefore, in addition to the positive efforts to promote artificial intelligence research, also in advance do all kinds of risk assessment, avoid and reduce the potential risk, as far as possible to establish diversification, the level of security system.

the future of computing: diversification of equipment

the singularity university network and the computer project director Brad Templeto believes that in the factors of index of revolution, not only including the researchers and users, also includes the following Moore’s law for the development of network technology, open innovation platform, etc. In this process there is a core link is the network computing.

singularity university network and the computer program director Brad Templeton

as a result of free space optical communication (FSO), slightly cellular technology and factors such as spectrum allocation on a global scale has been more and more bandwidth available for human use, and also facilitate the huge network computing. It is in this case, a large number of emerging products gradually become a reality. Such as Google driverless cars, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), Google glasses, Nest, Oculus Rift equipment began to appear constantly.

this is also the human into the Internet era, the impact of the three elements of the development of sensor, computer and network, the sensor also become cheaper, smaller and lower power consumption, makes equipment becomes less difficult. For example, you can now on baby diapers implanted sensors to predict its physical characteristics, can adjust automatically according to the light bulb in the house, etc., all this is very easy.

looking forward to the future of the Internet, Brad Templeto view, despite the global technology apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon made on behalf of the respective form advantages, but it did not consider the degree of monopoly, still have a lot of startups get rapid development. Instead, he seems to be more bullish on the future development of Linux open source, is a loyal users.

life science popular: 2050 human lifespan double

according to the singularity of biotechnology and bioinformatics project director Raymond McCauley, the definition of biotechnology industry has occupied a third of the global economy, including the three parts, medicine, agriculture and energy production and is playing a more and more important role.

singularity university biotechnology and bioinformatics project director Raymond McCauley

in the field of scientific research, the most important point is around the development of DNA, respectively, to read, write, DNA the DNA and DNA from three aspects.

among them, the interpretation of DNA personally greatest significance lies in the fact that in advance that tend to suffer from a disease, clinical trials for prevention, inspection, search, etc. Usable NIPT noninvasive prenatal examination, for example, pregnant women don’t need to do puncture operation. For now, DNA sequencing has no longer become obstacles, difficult in reading correctly. Despite the current scan and sequencing the DNA of the species proportion is not big, but as the technology matures, the cost has been reduced. Raymond McCauley says, now do a DNA sequencing cost less than $1000, is expected to cost 2020 will be gradually reduced to a dime (RMB), is at the cost of a toilet.

when can unlock human DNA and are free to write, repair, bold you can imagine the life in the future. Raymond McCauley believes, then can quickly achieve human longevity, therefore he predicted life expectancy could double in 2050, again in the future development are likely to reach 200 years old.

think about it: when a fertilized egg cells in formation and development, to filter through the detection of DNA, technology in the future can be select children language, sports ability; The DNA sequence of a drug embedded on food.

of course, technology is a double-edged sword, after repair DNA of racial discrimination, ethics, safety and reliability, etc. May cause a bigger worry. How to maintain the natural evolution of mankind, and in the condition of equality, freedom, rights, science and technology researchers still cannot small gaze, need careful thinking.

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