Ultimate safety monitoring equipment: camera jacket

believe that everyone in the subsequent to shiver, afraid to meet bad people and nowhere for help, but recently have a new product can let you in a sense of security at the same time, both to promote dress sense, do you want to know what is? It quickly and see it!

by CCTV recently learned that the streets of London and New York following the crime rate is higher and higher, but if where there is no camera being attacked or robbed?

this problem by a pair of artists from Korea local action to answer, they design the Aposematic Jacket (Jacket) with the alert function, compose full on this Jacket has been connected to the camera.

this idea by Shin already Back and Kim Yong Hun, by former designer giorgio armani Jehee Sheen sewing, the jacket covered by nearly 50 cameras, such ability can achieve panoramic camera, jacket also hide a battery power supply system is responsible for the entire dress.

when people aware of the danger in this dress, you can press a button to quickly start the Raspberry Pi control system, the system via wi-fi to connect to the Internet, at the same time, the camera began to the remote server to send 360 – degree panorama.

although this jacket is a work of art (sponsored by Seoul art space), but still shows the wearable technology will soon surpass “quantified self” fitness tracker border and entered the field of all “quantitative”, then the human activity monitoring camera as a city.

what do you think is the Google glasses intrusions of privacy? But maybe it’s just someone nice day exclusive collection.


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