Ultimate process, becoming: slay subtitle group, piracy is still rampant

a few days ago, the nation’s largest Chinese subtitles resource download striker network platform, called “break from” announcement, all service lines, officially closed. The same day, all the film and television in China temporarily closed, concurrent announcement “site is clearing content”. To shut down the reason, the official has yet to respond, but the industry will be “copyright” as an important factor.

to be fair, although the striker only provide video network subtitle file downloads, rather than the video source files, but also provide living space for the pirated movies. Domestic most Internet users are to search the latest movie or TV show first seed file, and then to striker net looking for matching the Chinese subtitles. As a result, the striker net indirect accomplice is pirated movies.

however, striker network shut down, has not helped.

the root cause of piracy in where?

in the film industry, in particular, often linked to money to Internet piracy, a movie is the number of illegal downloading, equals ShouRuShu film company losses. But this claim there is no scientific basis, particularly in Asia, Internet users even can not find the seed file, also won’t go to buy genuine, more will not become paying customers.

although we all understand the importance of protecting copyright, but rarely lead by example, because as far as foreign film and television of the Chinese subtitles, had no choice. Hunting cloud network editor you also have to admit, subtitle group is a member of the number of pirated movies “supporters”.

in fact, the domestic state of subtitle translation very bad. In addition to some commercial blockbuster, official permission of foreign movies on DVD, their level of subtitle translation is breathtaking. Although now youku has been more and more foreign movies and TV shows, but there are still a large portion of the Chinese subtitles, film and television is blank, could not be found, in addition to piracy.

and in other parts of China, Chinese subtitles more rampant piracy, is mainly due to China’s domestic media streaming service has regional restrictions, overseas users cannot see the domestic video, DVD is nowhere to be found with Chinese subtitles. You might think that this is not a big problem, but there is a data to reference: China’s distribution in the global number of expatriates in 50 million. Of course, not all Chinese living abroad want to see a foreign movie with Chinese subtitles, but there is no denying the fact that there are still many of them want to see some language and couldn’t get the original video.

the striker’s news, continuous fermentation in many domestic film and television play overseas fans. Phoenix news quoted a variety fan Milton academy in the United States: “for years, I wait for an American variety shows update every week, but now we may not be able to see. Later want to see, must first learn English well.”

of course, there are many watch pirated movies of the Internet users do not want to spend money, both at home and abroad. But Asian piracy the popularity of the film and television, as well as a more prominent reason, pirated resources is watching foreign film and television with local language subtitles is the most convenient way. Turn off like striker web site, not to promote the domestic film and television viewer to buy the original DVD piracy, they watch pirated movie and TV is not just don’t want to spend money, but pirated video provides a better user experience.

fans make subtitles is better?

another debate about pirated movies is that fans make subtitles sometimes than official subtitles of professionally produced more in line with the audience language habits. Can imagine: overseas is longer than the official dubbed subtitle translator is various, salary is not high, and the fans make the subtitles are painstakingly, or for personal hobbies, or out of translation standards to show them. The result is that official dubbed subtitle usually just basic translation of movie script, and fans made of subtitles is dharma masters, as far as possible to simulate the local language habits, sometimes even provide notes and explanation. Excellent overseas comedy subtitle translation, for example, fans will add during the translation of western culture resources. Like a game of thrones, such a complex plot, the translation of fans even for each concentration note, add a new character in order to avoid the audience forget the name of the role.

the end result is, as download fans make subtitle is a risky thing, fans translation level is uneven. Translation is very poor, and subtitles are not synchronized and coding problem; There is very good, translation subtitles level higher than the official production, more popular with users. For film producers, this is not a good thing, because users don’t give up on their own experience better, even if it is pirated resources. More than a decade, the domestic has been adopt various methods to force the user to give up pirated movie and TV, is always to no avail.

how to crack down on piracy, film and television?

throughout the domestic and foreign, shut down the spread of pirated video website is the behavior of the quench thirst. Even arrested, founder of The world’s largest download sites “The Pirate Bay” of piracy (The Pirate Bay) is still in operation. In 2011, domestic, download service is closed (help), but today is still rampant piracy.

which can be concluded that the real solution is to crack down on piracy, provide the original better user experience, rather than to shut down pirate sites. If easy to download pirated movies with Chinese subtitles, then let the original legal localization subtitles than pirated films and easier to obtain. Of course, this requires large sums of money into, fans can be designated translation team, give them the subtitles translation work crowdsourcing, to ensure the standard of translation.

a few years ago, American talk show host Louis CK a practice, can be used as a model for combating piracy, film and television, for your reference. Louis CK shot before his talk show special edition, on the Internet at low prices for the audience to download, users can download also can watch online video has been paid. The news caused quite a stir at the time, and Louis CK also instantly fire up, in the United States and earn a lot of money. By the same token, the film production company also can consider such practices, provide video source files and the subtitle file downloads, making it easy for users to buy and download.

or, another solution is to create a video like Singapore Viki paid sites. Viki can provide Asian dramas, with subtitles in English or other languages, but Asian audiences the actual need of western European and American film and television play more legitimate streaming sites, with local language subtitles in Asia. There are already some domestic online video broadcast, the import of western television Copyrights, localization and the subtitle translation, which is now pirated movie and TV is not so important reason for the flood five years ago. However, there are a lot of overseas TV programs did not import, Chinese subtitles is blank, the audience had to find resources of piracy. If you want to change the status quo of pirated media, must solve this problem.

shut down how many strikers web sites, but the impact is not big. The key is, as long as there is no better platform to provide more high quality experience for the audience, pirated media also will always exist.

but also please believe that, one day, we can all have a crush on you want to see the original European and American drama, also have to have authentic Chinese subtitles, pay point is necessary. To the day, hunting cloud network editor jun seeds together with you to delete the computer search engine, say goodbye to the piracy!

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