Ucweb CEO: why godel cooperated with guo degang?

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recently, Scott guo teacher reached a cooperation agreement between the map and Devon community, everyone in the use of gold after map navigation function, you can listen to the sound of the miss guo happy travel, particularly in Scott’s latest bus navigation process; Yong fu also through this cooperation, learn from miss guo, a handful of crosstalk addiction.

on the surface, it is both sides on the brand of a successful cooperation, all to see, very busy; But deep, this is Scott in implementing the new strategy – to focus on travel and location information service, the demand for product design, user location, industry trends and other factors, a comprehensive thinking.

personalization, but not “decentralized”

sign cooperation with miss guo conference theme of key word is “happy navigation”. A very key reason is the product cooperation – Scott guo degang voice navigation on the map. It involves a popular Internet words: personalization.

personalization has gradually become the core of mobile Internet users demand, all business with this trend. I recently saw a lot of media coverage to mention a word, I think is wrong: “decentralization”. It should be more and more personalized, but not decentralization.

we think, we wear clothes is the personalized stronger and stronger, but in the production of clothing enterprise is more or less? Big data and cloud computing will lead to the backend is more and more concentrated, or more decentralized? Strictly speaking, is the user’s demand is more and more diversified, meet customer’s demand is more and more diversified, in product structure but not decentralization. On the contrary, in fact, the development of the technology itself is more centralized. Because of big data is in itself a centralized trend, so there is no so-called “decentralization”, is actually the diversification, the backend is more and more concentrated.

for map products, gold in the step by step toward personalized. This also is the main reason that we chose to miss guo cooperation. A friend of my samsung said that everyone in life needs three kinds of voice: parents’ voice, wife/husband’s voice, the voice of navigation. So gold personalization, start from the voice of the most dominant. And personalized can bring happiness to users – the quickening pace of modern society, a lot of pressure, “happy” really is not a function, but has become a need.

the past gold navigation voice of word of mouth, from Lin. A lot of boys like very happy, but I found the boy’s girlfriend and his wife is not necessarily happy. In order to avoid this kind of family conflicts, so we want to find a more magnetic male bring you happiness.

our own research found, men and women suits, people, old and young, all appropriate voice guo teacher is definitely one of them. Later after formal user research, miss guo in “want to hear voice navigation” indeed as expected at the top, so we decided to pick out the voice of the miss guo into gold map, on professional upgrade, increase the happy elements.

bus navigation is a new blue ocean

gold in the field of navigation map focus for 12 years, with the upper body (products) and the lower half (data) of complete competition, has become a professional in the field of driving old. For example, recently we have confidence to “you dare to use, I dare to compensate” upgrade “travel protection plan” for normalization, and quarterly release of China’s major cities traffic analysis report and avoid congestion.

but are not enough from the perspective of user needs, because in addition to drive users, there is another big group of travel – bus users. Is a big background, the mobile Internet center in Asia, develop earlier than the United States, large users. One of the important reasons, related to the user’s way of life: the United States is living in the country on wheels, hands tied on the wheel; And across Asia, China, Japan and South Korea, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, the students in these countries mainly use bus travel this way, the user more than the United States for two hours every day to play mobile phone. From another perspective, is bus contributed to the prosperity of mobile Internet users.

but this part of the users in the process of the whole bus ride but there are many pain points: go wrong, had sat station, transfer is very faint. I don’t know what is the cause of the design or, transit route and site in China, always very strange. So from the point of view of pain points, the user really need a professional “bus navigation” product. But after that the market is not a map navigation product can help users to solve these problems perfectly, and driving navigation mature, bus navigation is a blue ocean market.

so today gold in a perspective, with the Angle of navigation and thinking to design a bus travel product, the industry inside the original no one did, the first professional bus navigation products in the country. Overall, Scott bus navigation design criteria is to provide a “seamless transit navigation experience”, the core function points including walking station, busline timely guide, remind, voice navigation. On the bus less anxiety, secure a nap, playing mobile phone, and not worry about sitting on standing.

this is Scott choose cooperation with miss guo another important reason, because he in popularity among the public user groups who rely on public transit is very high, listen to guo degang crosstalk on the bus and subway users everywhere. So from this perspective, with miss guo voice throughout the entire process of the bus navigation, conform to the target user group preference.

of course, as with car navigation, bus navigation is also a very consider professional ability of the service. Based data bus, bus planning engine, bus navigation engine three core modules are short of one cannot, also only has the dual competitive products and data can make high quality products.

overall, gold concentration and professional in the field of map navigation, is why we have launched in the domestic first professional bus navigation. And miss guo to join, from the perspective of user location and demand for gold bus navigation map version brings high quality gain effect, bring us double promotion of brand and product experience.

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