Ucweb CEO: Scott to eat a lot of dark kui, have to adapt to the Internet

“ate a lot of gold before dark. All efforts in technology, have to adapt to the Internet. In alibaba group MDCC mobile developers conference, “UC mobile business group President ucweb CEO speech, we want to compete on the, reduce the mesa of the competition.

believe one thing: focus and professional

in the meeting, ucweb CEO speak: big company has its own set of life root, tencent’s two major: communication and games, you have to move his penis, he will be with you, he has a lot of talent, the two business is very stable. Life in the search, baidu PC search special professional, so to speak. So you see, different fields of Kings are entrepreneurs put their products and services for perfection, so other people but you.

to take such a software industry, in addition to communication, input method, browser, security, players, those who are professional companies and professional brand in the industry’s leading. Because of believe focus and professional, so the vertical industry still have a chance.

back to Scott: see the invisible

gold this year is for 12 years, Scott named AMAP of the map, is called: a map. Pursue should be more simple more extreme.

gold inside there is a thing, “she said, there are two gold, one is everybody see gold, one is you can’t see the gold. Everybody see Scott, application, product is gold. The LBS business itself, in fact, everyone can’t see there is a lot more. Gold is their own production data, has its own professional acquisition vehicle, has its own aerial aircraft, high person there’s a phrase: map is we walk out of step by step.

what did join gold

after the media link, ucweb CEO speak: their take over gold, mainly do two aspects of work, improve product performance, reduce product features, on top of this, thinking LBS business location problem.

Scott didn’t give up O2O business, just method changed. Now Scott is not consider commercialization O2O. According to user requirements to provide some don’t disturb service. And gold business relative before will be more focused. Meet a good travel services and the location information service. Scott new LBS open platform service is focus for developers. With developers to separate accounting, absolutely all belong to the developers.

because of interest, 60% of time on gold

ucweb CEO speak: their work is divided into three stand, first stands originally in charge of the UC business lines; The second stand is new lines of business, in addition to high no.15, there are other new in charge of the business lines; The third stand is group some executives in the business. At this stage in Gao Dehua every day more than 60% of the time, in addition to interest because of their instrumental products are particularly strong preferences.

layoffs and internationalization

face layoffs after media said problems, ucweb CEO explanation: any company will continually optimize at any time, all need to adjust business, business adjustment will bring personnel flow, which in any company is existence and normal, Scott currently has nearly 4000 employees. For map data researchers recently in intensify recruitment. To the problem of internationalization of gold ucweb CEO speak in a planned way, but no timetable, will give priority to provide map service for overseas Chinese.

to the gold of the status quo of mobile map ranked by ucweb CEO also calm about at the meeting, at the same time is every song words on baidu map, tencent in four dimensional figure new, be careful in the future will be broken.

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