Uber total revenue of $10 billion next year, the annual increase of 300%

(/horse relief yi wen)

the foreign media, Business Insider revealed that yesterday a taxi foreign application Uber will be implemented next year the total revenue of $10 billion, this year and next year for two consecutive years the company’s revenue growth will reach 300%.

the following is an important data in the BI report, hunting cloud network editor jun exclusive comb for you is as follows:

first, by the end of 2015, Uber total revenue will exceed $10 billion, net revenues of about $2 billion;

second, Uber profit mainly comes from several business relatively mature country or city layout, this means that once Uber 150 business in the city, as long as compared with the development of more mature now, then absolute will usher in more revenue growth;

third, analysts say, Uber units to customer monthly consumption is far higher than Wall Street expected;

4, even in mature markets such as San Francisco, Uber permeability is only 25%;

5, Uber internal is trying to break through the public car rental market, business bus market diversification of traditional fields such as;

6, some investors believe that Uber will be listed in the next few years, the valuation will be between $50 billion and $100 billion.

recently, Uber in trouble. Along with “bubble theory” in the field of science and technology again, Uber became the target of valuation of more than $18 billion. Obviously, this article helps Uber “endorsement” means, but what exactly Uber future development, but also see how Uber risk control under the environment. However, cloud network editor you are hunting for Uber emerging startups hold attitude of encouragement. After all, a black cat, white cat, can seize market opportunities, survival and development is the absolute truth.

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