Two questions to help you determine whether the talents with your company

want to recruit outstanding talent is looking for. As the interviewer, from your resume to interview for an hour or so can allow you to form a first impression on someone, but impression is not necessarily accurate, only after several months of practice you can know whether he had chosen the right person.

for the interviewer, “read” ability is very important, I often read books about body language or discuss with other entrepreneurs tips to improve this ability.

when I was a student in an academy of art, I would help recruit students each year. Applications of thousands of people have to pass by two teacher and a student (me) is responsible for the interview.

I like interview others, because it asked me to analyze and record the others in a short time, and my opinion will affect the decision of the final decision – influence people life. Teacher’s opinion, of course, more important than me, most of the time I play the role of adjusting the atmosphere between teachers and students is the interview.

I never careless on the analysis of the interviewer, and is responsible for. But that doesn’t mean that I rigid, I know use few tips (some of them still use), they can always achieve the desired effect in an interview. My two key question is: “what’s your plan after if you are selected in this position?” And then ask, “if you are not admitted, again?” .

the two problems are always effective. At the end of the interview, I to pretend that he suddenly thought of this question to ask about their ideas, make them relax and confide.

these issues that I see they apply for admission for the idea. Some people will say “I will from time to time to come here, because here have a job can let me pass the time” or “I will study here for a year and then transferred to other schools.” I find that they are not considered in the real meaning of skill learning.

the second questions tend to be more interesting. I remember a young guy, he is very talented but is not very good. I make up our minds, so I asked him if he will not be admitted to do. After he listened to the very excited to tell me, he is ready to use save good thousands of euros for twelve years not seen, as far away as Africa’s father.

he said. “I will be well prepared, when you get back to apply again!” His words impressed me and teachers, we felt that we admit he become inhuman, so we put their ideas told him and refused to reason. Teachers urging him to try again after you come back next year, he left with a smile.

as The Next Web (a famous American technology website) The interviewer, I put forward The same to The applicant. Some people simply said they were applied to the other better company, but want to be here. I was told this is the last time they also looking for a job, otherwise we are going to change careers. Some said his plan after being hired, it is a pity they plan and contrary to my expectations.

of course there are also people who managed to do a full preparation, in order to answer we are looking forward to answer. But it’s no use, once you and easy to discuss their future, they will pour out their own ideal and unsuspecting expectations. These than any resume work.


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