Twitter product strategy: next optimization search launch a group chat

Twitter CFO Anthony Noto (Anthony Noto) said on Wednesday, the company will give priority to improve the search engine, the optimization algorithm, and develops group chat function.

citigroup global technology conference in New York, noto said that Twitter’s new product director, Daniel graves (Daniel Graf) has to optimize the search function as one of the priority of its work in 2015.

noto said: “when it comes to the search function, we have a lot of data about Twitter topics. Search structure level must be suitable for this kind of classification method.” This Twitter needs, he added, “an algorithm, to be able to show a particular theme the depth and breadth of content, finally let the content that is associated with the user”.

this is associated with Twitter greater strategic goals. Twitter wants to better organize content, isolated from the vast amounts of information interesting, instant tweets. Twitter has begun to improve the information flow, one of the most significant change is to show did not pay attention to information released by the user.

Twitter streams of information arranged in reverse chronological order, this has not changed since launched eight years ago, some early Twitter users to even see it as the core of the Twitter user experience. But noto, points out that this “user experience” is not the most core, if the user for a long time didn’t open the Twitter application, earlier release of information will be submerged by other information sink. “Will present information in a timely manner in front of the user is a better way of content organization.”

Twitter CEO Dick Costello (Dick Costolo) on Sunday, trying to explain why the user will receive some did not pay close attention to the information on the account. A user to make a complaint about this kind of information, Costello responded that only the second time when the user refresh the timeline, and Twitter when no new content to display will show the other users of information. “If you don’t do this, the user refresh for the second time will not be able to see any new content. Meet the demand of users, I believe, is a worth aiming for.”

noto said the changes would be gradual. “We will change systematically. We will test again and again, make sure to understand the possibilities. Users won’t wake up one day, when he found the timeline information entirely by algorithm push.”

noto also hinted that Twitter may be brewing group chat function. Because Twitter is the nature of public service, the DMS function has always been on the dog, the role of the DMS has been a subject of debate within Twitter. In the past year, with the rise of information application, Twitter DMS function status is also improved. Noto think DMS function may be more social.

at present, Twitter users every time can only send a private message to an account. But lift such an example, if issued a Twitter information about the football match, will attract a lot of university classmates reply, but “I don’t want to let the other 271 users, including my boss, see this message, then I will choose to direct messages such as private form of communication. Direct messages currently only supports the one-on-one sessions, does not support one-to-many. Therefore, we might be a bit around this in the future to share, express to innovate.”

source: sina science and technology

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